California Reef Co: Extra Help Needed (Part Time)

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  1. California Reef Co. is looking a motivated individual to help out Part-Time on Sundays.

    Job Duties
    • Clean the tanks in the fish room.
      • Scrape the algae off the glass.
      • Remove the detritus.
      • Acclimate new livestock to the tanks.
    • Help bag and sell fish, corals, and other livestock.
    Minimum Requirements
    • Must be able to come in on Sundays.
      • We could use help on other days if interested in additional hours but Sunday is required.
    • We prefer working with reefers in the bay area just like you.
    • Employee Discount on Livestock/Dry Goods
    • Free RO Water/Saltwater (within reason)
    • Flexible schedule on weekdays.

    Send us a PM or give us a call if you're interested or have questions.
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  2. D0661E750

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    My son could work! He's 10yr old.....make him work so he'll realize that money doesn't grow on trees. LoL
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    What would the hours be on Sunday?
  4. like 12 to 6
  5. denzil

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    I hope you guys find someone soon!

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