CamryDS' 29 Gallon Biocube

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by CamryDS, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. JeremiahChua

    JeremiahChua Guest

    I love your new rock work! I'm in the process of debating on redoing mine as well. I have it all packed in the back, it looks like a freaking wall :(.
    Yours looks great though! Keep it up :)

    And I'm sorry to hear about all of those fish problems.
  2. CamryDS

    CamryDS Guest

    thanks for the complement, I just finished gluing all the frags to rocks yesterday and it collapsed. I redid rockwork again and it looks even taller =D i'm glad this time. I just brought home another set of frog spawn. so i'm just going to group them together, and at one point maybe glue them as well, but that's for another day -- i'm not going to be redoing rockwork again. but at least now they have some type of caves to cross through and hide in.

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