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    That's one of the top reasons i use a 20" first sediment filter. Looks gross quick, but keeps working for a long time. As long as the one after looks ok and pressure Is good nothing to worry about
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  2. JVU


    Sediment filters that have some junk trapped actually start working better (smaller effective micron size) since the trapped stuff partially blocks the pores and makes them smaller. Up to a point of course.
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  3. Rostato

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    Yeah I’ve done plenty of plumbing work on my house. It’s gross
  4. Rostato

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    Well here is the first stage filter after 5 months. Look at how large the particles are from the canister. Crazy!

    Looking at it I think I could have maybe gotten another month out of it.

    I also noticed my incoming TDS is only around 130ppm now. So I think there was a very dirty period in December and January.


    This is the top of the filter IMG_0745.jpg

    Bottom of the filter IMG_0747.jpg

    All the particulate coming out of it

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  5. Rostato

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    And the new 5 micron is on the left. It’s still the same 1 micron on the right from 12/1/18

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    This reminds me that I’ve got to change my filters.
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    Yeah, lots of crud in the lines.
    Every time I replace mine, I think .... hey ... I drink this water.
    Although I do have a carbon filter on the fridge.
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