Clavularia from last frag workshop

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by teachermark, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. teachermark

    teachermark Guest

    Hello all, I just wanted to post that my clavularia?(Jim?)(brown polyped softie) is about quadruple the size it was when I got it however long ago the workshop was. Also, my nickle-sized piece of toadstool leather is about 4 inches long now and looks great! :D Thanks again to our awesome club for making this possible.
  2. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Wow your toadstool grow that fast?? I have a neon green one and it hasn't grow much. Any tip?? :D
  3. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yeah, that was the "short colt" or something like that. It's really exploded outward on me, not so much grow tall but it's grown out like a nice bush.

    Too bad the other corals didn't fair so well.
  4. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Most of the frags that I picked up doing pretty good... One of the SPS frag died couple days ago because it felt into a hole and I didn't know it. By the time I noticed, it's dead already :( ..
  5. teachermark

    teachermark Guest

    My secret is poor water quality! :D
  6. Raddogz

    Raddogz Guest

    Those leathers are awesome. I killed one by o d'ing it on too much salinity - at least that's what I think happened in my nano - I was really peeved. The zoos from the workshop are just simply amazing!
  7. Apon

    Apon Volunteer


    Your water is probably good for the soft corals. Mine are both still alive but really haven't grown as much as yours.
  8. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Wanna borrow my skimmer Mark??? :D
  9. jimsar

    jimsar Guest

    I picked up 2 of those "short colt" frags and a "chunk of meat" at that workshop. The colts are about 5"x4" now, and spreading fast. I may have to cut them up long before the next swap. I'm running out of real estate.

    The "chunk of meat" is now a 3" toadstool with a 2nd 1/2" stalk. (The 2nd stalk grew out of the special toothpick that were handed out at the same event which I used to anchor the chunk to a rock.) I'm keeping an eye on this one. The polyps are extra long and looks real nice.

  10. teachermark

    teachermark Guest

    It looks like you are having about the same results as me. The polyps on the toadstool are like an inch long! I think it's so cool how it can pull them all the way inside itself and look like a regular mushroom.

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