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    Long story short the Wife was all for a larger tank even though our 50G has only been up and running for 3 months now. The only condition was that we re do the dinning room floor. So I picked up the 105 yesterday morning. This was followed by tearing down the 50g (located on dining room floor) to put it in the garage. Everything for the most part went really smoothly. The only problem was that one of the clownfish that I had temporary put in a large mixing bowl was gone. We looked everywhere for about 10 minutes and could not find him. Only plave he could have gone was behind the microwave cabinet. So me and my buddy took out the cabinet and the microwave and low and behold here is a little nemo fish looking dead as can be. My wife is tearing up and pissed at me because I let him get out of the temporary bowl. So I quickly scooped him up and put him back in the temporary holding container. He is doing the classic I am dead and floating upside down move. I would to if I was out of water covered in dust for about 15 minutes. Then out of no where he does a wiggle and back to life he is. I pulled what dust I could get off him but he seems to be 100% back to normal this moirning eating and swimming like nothing happened.

    I really am shocked this guy made it.

    105 Build coming soon.
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  2. Kensington Reefer

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    Clownfish: brave, adventurous, strong....but small brained!
    Glad to hear of the revival. Have you named him Jesus? Lol
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    I am leaning towards Dust Bunny. You should have seen the amount of dust I had to pull of that little guy.
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    Great story. 'Tough, but little brains' sums it up nicely :)
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    Yeah, kinda like the dogs that stick their heads in between stuff and can't get them out. My clown squeezed through the overflow grates and spent the night sleeping on a layer of filter floss with overflow crashing over him.
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    Wow, that is an amazing story about your clownfish.
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    This is an amazing story! I had no idea a fish could live that long out of water - 15 minutes?! Now I'm wondering if I should have "soaked" my "dead" jumping fish in water just in case it had a chance!! Will do that in future!!
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    It was a surprise to me as well.

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