Coral Farmers’ Market announced for Feb 10, 2018!

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Chromis, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Shit. There'll be nothing great left for the rest of us.
  2. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    I’ll give you guys a 30 Min head start.

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  3. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    Anyone know what the timing of the members only swap will be in early 2018? Hopefully it’s before CFM to help clear some space on the frag racks?
  4. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    Usually it’s in March.
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  5. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Calendar Is not set for next year yet. Input is welcome, although march seems like a good month usually.
  6. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    I just bought my ticket since it looks like I’ll be in town for it. Jason Fox is the “featured coral vendor”. Looks like this event is growing each time it comes around.
  7. Can we be the "featured club?" :)
  8. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    We probably could. If we can pull together a list of members that are willing to man the booth and have a banner then I think Steve would be more willing to go for it. After all, we are the Bay Area Reefers. ;)
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  9. I can take care of a banner and flyers. And as mentioned before I can man the booth in the PM. Have we put up a request for volunteers and hours available?
  10. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Not yet. Wanna post one?
  11. You're not going to trick me into taking an official position! I'm on to you! I think the president should post it.
  12. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    I'd rather not...I can't even commit to being at that event as of now. Would be best if someone that wants to make this happen posts it and follows up. Not a big deal to me if nobody wants to. The club will only be what it will be, and that is always going to be defined by what the members make it.
  13. Apon

    Apon Supporting Member

    I will be happy to man the booth if needed. I made a banner long ago and they be still be with the club supplies. Can someone check with Mike the Treasury? What materials do we want to hand out? No sales at our both? I remember once we sold club donated corals for club profit, but not at this event. Anyways I can post a thread for volunteers but should they be approved volunteers? What are the current rules we need to follow? Can we sell glues and Shirts?
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  14. Ok -- now I feel guilty. Post is up.
  15. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Curious to those that have gone to these things before. Are the prices/selection any better than what's typical?
  16. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    I was more impressed with the first one, I feel like the second one was a little forced, and maybe just I'd already seen it all the first time. Or maybe I was in a bad mood...who's to say. I haven't been to many shows like reefapaooza or macna, but I didn't think prices were super cheap either time.
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  17. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Neither were really cheaper than normal daily prices. However, vendors are definitely willing to negotiate especially when purchasing multiple pieces.

    Selection as compared to what you can get locally from our LFS is different, but if you browse or shop online a lot, not that much different.
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  18. Ibn

    Ibn Guest

    Having gone to both CFM and RAP, I won't be attending this. I went last year and was underwhelm, vs. RAP where I was overwhelmed. RAP had speakers, larger raffle, freebies (reactor, food, etc.), and more varied vendors. It's more of a true event, whereas, this is what its name implies, a market.

    I also didn't like the fact that Steve asked so much of BAR and Neptune at the event, but never really acknowledged or incentivized the club/local resources for the assistance.
  19. daddio

    daddio Guest

    I saw a nice hi-lighter pink mushroom for $20 and I regret not buying it.
  20. I only went to the first one and the selection was better than any of the LFS, but that's because vendors like WWC and Rudy Batara came out with some unique stuff. Prices weren't anything special on high end stuff, but I did see a lot of "buy three get one free for $20.00" kinds of set-ups.
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