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  1. I made some simple sketches of the remodel of my home that I will be starting and completing this year, I am adding 400 sq. ft. to the living room and the focal point will be the reef tank. There will be a fish room directly behind it with a sink, this a remdering I made to give you an idea approximately what it will look like when it's completed. Everything from the right of the tank will remain the same (Kitchen & Dining room), the box in the lower right is where my living room is currently (with two walls dividing them between the kitchen & living room), that box will be a fourth bedroom and eveything from the box up will be the newly added 400 sq. ft. and I will be removing two walls to combine the two rooms together making it a "Great Room". I will be starting a Tank build thread showing the tank's progress this year but I wanted everyone to see it before I start.
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    seems cool, good luck with the build
  3. OOP's! The pic's didn't come through the first time, there ready to go now.
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    Looks fun. Where is the current tank now in relation to the new location?

    180? go 240 or 300 like lapson. If its in wall how are you going to get the to front and sides to clean the glass? Are the top wall panels going to be removable?

    Since you are makeing a new room, you may want to see if you can put a drain on the floor - peace of mind for any spills or floods.
  5. Too....many....questions.....must....focus, 180 is the size my wife and I agreed on, 215 is the size I want because it's 30 inches deep (more real estate), I don't have the room for a 7 ft. tank between the front door and the garage door and I can't reach a 30" deep tank. I'm also thinking about having a front panel that lifts up but I have to look into it further, the whole sump area will have a custom made plastic pan made to fit it and it will be plummed to the drain as well as my fish room sink. If you have any Ideas I'll be happy to listen, I need to do more research but this is going to be a blast!
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    Wish it wasn't in .doc form, I'd love to help but my puter is tarded as me.
  7. Well maybe you can pickup a hammer and give me a hand putting it together! your advice would me much appreciated thank's Jeremy.
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    [quote author=corals b 4 bills link=topic=3677.msg42649#msg42649 date=1210213031]
    Well maybe you can pickup a hammer and give me a hand putting it together! your advice would me much appreciated thank's Jeremy.
    [/quote]Hammer?, where's the arm so I can bake it :p sorry bad reefing joke. PM me, I'm in your area 4-5 days a week, I'll stop by and check it out ;)
  9. Oh yea, Arnold the tank is currently on the oposite side of the garage door, 5 feet to the left of where the drawing is showing it to be. I thought about a closed loop system but Lap tells me not to and to keep my tunze's. my biggest problem will be heat (even with my chiller) and humidity, My plans will be to have a central fan in the room blowing either into the attic or garage, moisture is a big concern because of mildue so a fan must run 24/7.
  10. Hey Jeremy I am working in the area of my house this week so if you want to stop by tomorrow (friday) just give me an hours notice before you come, Later Mark
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    215g is the way to go Mark - ask Dudley.

    Once you have the 180g you will wish you had gotten the 215 after all
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    [quote author=Raddogz link=topic=3677.msg42720#msg42720 date=1210302359]
    215g is the way to go Mark - ask Dudley.

    Once you have the 180g you will wish you had gotten the 215 after all

    ditto!! i was going to go 180, but soooooo glad i went 210
  13. That's what I'm talk'n about, maybe you guy's can hit to my wife that this would be the.....logical direction to go, I'm sure she will be ok with it thank's.
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    No problem Mark - will do if I drop by on Saturday.
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    If you hold down the Alt button and press Prt Sc, it will only take screenshot of your current active window. You can paste it in MS Paint, edit and save as JPEG file. Much easier to see :) .

    Drawing looks great. I wish I have a house to setup big tank :-[ .. Good luck with the build and update the thread often. We all love to see pics 8) ..
  16. Thank's I was racking my brain trying to figure out the Jpeg thing, yea you guy's will get to see all the goodies go into this thing.
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    If you hold down the alt+shift+delete+F4 you will erase your wifes memory allowing you to have any tank your heart desires. "Honey you said OK yesterday"
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    I think ESC button is only required for that :) ..
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    No, you have to ESCape *after* you try pulling that stunt :D
  20. I talked to my wife today about the tank and she was a little surprised that I was going to put a fish room inside the house ???, She suggested that I move our heater and water heater elsewhere :eek: so that the access to my tank would be from in the garage ;D this means that I can go with a bigger sump and all the heat from the tank lights fuge and frag tank will be in the garage.............. The possiblities are endless.

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