Corals B 4 Bills 225 Lee Mar Starfire Inwall tank

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by corals b 4 bills, May 6, 2008.

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    [quote author=seminolecpa link=topic=3677.msg65430#msg65430 date=1227237155]
    The big question is was this a tank for the remodel or a remodel for the tank?

    That's what I'm sayin'. Plus a barreled ceiling looks like this


    That's a barrel :D
  2. Hey were only 6 weeks from breaking ground to closing up the house not too bad, I'm trying not to think about the tank being outside in the cold night blanket.......I think I will sleep in the sump tonite :D. If I didn't try and kill myself in the ocean everytime I get in it I would surf that sucker! My brother and brother-in-law are surfers and the live for that wave, I'll stick to the wave box ;). I'm still thinking two more weeks until you guys come over to move the tank into place.......guy's......GUY'S!........So who's in?
  3. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    I should be here this time.
  4. Cool! Thank's! I will have my wife take pictures of us with our bulging muscles moving this thing into the house, Hey sorry for not getting back to you on the canopy I work 7 to 10 everyday (Carpentry/Kid, Carpenty/Kid, working on a second kid ;) and in December two puppies :eek:) Brian how is it going with the hood?
  5. BTW after my new tank stabilizes I will be the frag guy, I am having a seperate tank for frags and will be participating in the DBTC scene so stay tuned!
  6. seminolecpa

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    Slowly. I think I am going to go with the 120 Oceanic Tech Tank. Saw one today and really like it the overflow though in the back middle is really low profile and should be a real space taker. definately want to pick your brain on that aluminum type frame you did with your lights. Think I am going to go with a 20"tall hood. Hope to get the new tank up and running by my bday at the beginning of Jan.

    Oh and don't worry I am earmarking some nice frags for you. They are going to look awesome in that tank. With you and your new tank, Aldie and hopefully me and my new tank the Pennisula will be getting ready to make a big mark in the reefing scene.
  7. sfsuphysics

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    Yeah saw the 120 Tech they have at OTA, although it's been "sold"/"held"/Whatever for a couple months already... but then again they have Arnold's zero edge tank in there forever :D

    Still don't know what I'm going to do, got my eye on the Marineland deep dimensions tank though, if anything at a price point to base what I'm going to do.
  8. How's Aldie's tank doing I haven't heard from him lately, yea seems like the penninsula tank tour will be the where to be in the near future HUH!
  9. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    Check out his tank thread. It is doing very well. The guy is trying to take the title from Sergio and Jeremy as DBTC king. He just set up a nice frag tank.
  10. Wow Aldie is off to a great start, I'd sure like to see it in person.
  11. alve

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    Hey Marc, that is going to be a VERY nice fish room you are building there! ;D I have been following along and you have made some great progress. More pictures please! :D

    When the time is there to move your tank let me know, if I am available that day I will come help out for sure.

    You are always welcome to stop by and have a look at my setup. It still has a long way to go, both tanks look like frag tanks at the moment but it's all good, a couple more years and the main tank should start growing out nicely.

    Bryan, even if I would give away everything from my frag AND main tank I could not even get close to what Sergio and Jeremy are putting on DBTC. With the frag tank I am hoping to grow a lot of DBTC frags though ;D
  12. Thank's Aldie, I can use all the help I can get.
  13. Apon

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    That 120 at OT should be available, the buyer backed out. My zero edge tank there I leave it ther for display and to use as my holding tanking for stuff I want from the store or stuff I didn't want from home. I guess its my in store QT tank : ) besides, it is such a hassle to move it to my little condo right now. I go in once a week on sat to clean it and such.

    Marc just convince Bryan to go to the 180 or 220 level , he will just endup upgrading again later from the 120. : )
  14. Yea bryan go with the 180, 120? 180 is where it's at (How's that?).
  15. alve

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    I think he made up his mind already in favor of the 180 ;)
  16. Get out of here................Really? Damm I'm good!
  17. seminolecpa

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    Shhh. Still in the planning the details mode. Just because I have the size taped out in my back room means nothing yet.
  18. sfsuphysics

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    4x3 is a good footprint Bryan, I know... and Joyce will soon :D
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    update, por favor :)
  20. OK. my 400 sq. ft. room addition just turned some mile stones, rough electrical will be finished monday, water, plumbing and gas will be complete on monday (Incl. tankless water heater ;D) framing done friday, roofing starts Wed. stucco in two weeks-Phew! (PICTURES!)The first one is my (Once Living room) now my formal dining room to the right is the new guest bath and closet, the next is a temporary dust wall I built joining the living room to the kitchen (I will remove it when the new furnace is installed the opening to these two rooms will be 13 feet ;), the third picture is the area above the fire place to mount my 50" plazma screen, the last is a picture of the front door (from above) showing you the template of the barreled ceiling, 6" to the left of the front door will be my reef tank, more to come next week!

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