Corals Farmer market set up - silicon valley Friday Feb 8th - Need 2-3 helpers

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Apon, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Thanks to all who helped setup, run the booth and take. As one of the guys who did all three it was alot of work!

    Sorry Ranjib - hope you feel better.

    So Steve From CFM was very impressed by our club this time. He would like us to do the same for next time - large tables and run raffles.

    For Setup and Take down we should try to get 6 total helpers for each. And for running booths at least 2 folks at all times.

    1 Small suggestions for Raffles from me, we need to have things layed out and accounted for. I had to get Reef nutrition to confirm the one of the donations packs. He gave a 1 for BAR and 1 for CFM , but our prize listed 2 winners for BAR. Luckily I talked to him and he was able to make another pack.
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    I totally agree with having more support for setup and tear down. I didn't appreciate what was involved until it was teardown time! We raised soo much more than previous times....definitely worth doing.

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