Crazy Blue Steel Zoanthids!

Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Mine are doin' fine, Robert ***crossing fingers / knocking on wood***. I kept 'em at the bottom of my tank, in the shade, since there's pretty much no other room, but they've been doin' great. I just did a water change, so I hope I didn't freak 'em out.
  2. robert4025

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    We're bum out about this too, guys. :(

    We're hoping that even if just a few of these polyps will survive in someone's tank then one day we'll see them again and then hopefully continue a new lineage. Cerissa and I really like them so if anyone happen to successfully propagate them, please return a few polyps back to us, if ours don't make it. We'll be more than happy to make it your worthwhile.

    We have few surving polyps left but the prognosis doesn't look too good right now. They're slowly wilting away too. We've pulled off all remaining frags from the sell racks and placed them in very low light in our grow-out tank and hope for the best that they will pull through. We'll keep posted whenever we can.

    In any case, Thanks a bunch for your feedbacks!

    Robert and Cerissa
  3. Knucklehead

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    mine are still doing ok, if i can keep them going ill get them back to you robert. i have them in the middle of my tank under 250watt 20k radiums, and im running the miracle mud method. so hopefully they keep liking my setup.

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