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    Wow that's some serious nastiness!

    I had my small shipment held up at the post office for more than 3 days.

    When I went to get it, most of the snails survived, and the packaging was no where near as bad as what you have!!
    Though, I don't recall him using styrofoam either.
    He even threw in much more just in case something happened.
  2. aqua-nut

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    reefcleaners does not recommend a long acclimation period. Pretty much float for temp and dump. The bag water was so foul I did a pre-dump into a container of tank water to get rid of as much death as possible.

    I think the 'Fragile' sticker is a target. Every box I've gotten that had one was crushed close to the sticker!! UPS, USPS, Fedex it don't matter. Perhaps sellers should put on a green sticker that says 'Indestructible'. :)

    And Jim, I don't mean you! :) Somewhere in all shipping companies there are people who like to take out their frustrations on a helpless box!!
  3. denzil

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    I try to avoid USPS shipping whenever I can. At least with UPS or FedEx, you can file a formal complaint and you might actually get somewhere, LoL.
  4. I thought everyone knew that "Fragile" is parcel carrier speak for "Drop kick all the way to the other side of the logistics center?" ;)

    A kind parcel carrier once told me that the best way to avoid getting a smashed package is to label it with "Glass." This typically is interpreted as "Full of liquids that will soak the floor and everything else," and is the only label that is heeded.

    Any reanimated snails?
  5. tr1gger

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    Reminds me of ace ventura, HDS coming through!!

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