Cuttle fish (sepia bandensis) for sale

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    I have 2 yes 2 cuttles for sale. They are approximately 10 weeks old and and now 2 inches in size. Both are male (I'm pretty sure). I have raised them from eggs and they have been fed live food only (Mysid) when they were babies and now are onto bigger meatier shore shrimp.

    Most of you are aware, but I will re-iterate, these are super cute alien looking fish. They WILL eat your other fish so they need to be kept in a separate tank. They eat live food today (and can be trained to eat frozen if you spend the time and energy).

    These are my babies so you will need to demonstrate that you have the means and capability to look after one. If you are interested let me know. You can only buy one and not the pair as they will fight unless you have a really big tank.

    Thanks - Atif
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    Ahhh Atif! I really wanted cuttlefish but have settled on a Frogfish.

    I wish you would have posted this a couple days ago!

    Doh! Okay hopefully these go to a really good home.

    FYI one of the lead fish biologists for the Steinhart Aquarium, Rich Ross, frequents this forum/club quite often and he happens to know a LOT about cuttlefish.

    I'm planning on asking him to do a Cuttle Fish Presentation for the club in December.
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    Cool creatures.
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    Alien is right. I had to feed Jim's tank one week and that thing was freaky
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    One of my favorites!

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