DBTC "Superman's Hyperbole mini anthelia!"

Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by anathema, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. anathema

    anathema Guest

    It's AMAZING! It's a red and blue softy! RED! as in brownish tannish reddish, on a BLUE! background, blue as in it's kinda bright baby blue actually.


    You need an aquarium with water in it to accept one of these frags. No exceptions!

    I don't exactly know what this is, it showed up on a Bali fiberglass frag plug and I thought it was cool so I grew it out. It could be brearium, but it is definitely NOT the bluish micro xenia that goes sexual and takes over. It is encrusting, and it will encrust over anything you let it, but it has been well behaved in my tank and is not overly invasive in my experience. I've given one frag away and it died, so it wasn't invasive at all for the other person!

    I have 2 frags available for pickup at the frag trade and 2 smaller frags going into the trade as well.
  2. mray2660

    mray2660 Treasurer

    I would like to be considered for one of the frags.

  3. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Looks cool. I'd like to try it
  4. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Ok both frags spoken for then. If you need to make arrangements other than the upcoming swap let me know.
  5. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Swap will be perfect, thanks!
  6. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    Hey Gusty.....

    I'd like to take another crack at it when you have another frag.....Except this time it will go into the nano. I still don't know what ate the first frag in the main tank.

    BTW - the sympodium is looking really good and spreading. It loves current and bright light.

  7. anathema

    anathema Guest

    I have another small set of frags I was planning to toss into the trade, but dbtc gets first priority. I'll put your name on a piece.
  8. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    Cool! Thanks

  9. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    Gusty do you want me to sit on the frag I from when we cut them or hand it out. I am fine either way, just hanging out in my frag tanks with the others. If you want me to hang on to it, I will log it in.
  10. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Feel free to hang on to anything you took home. Would be cool if you logged it in, it would be nice to see how this looks in a few different tanks.
  11. anathema

    anathema Guest

    So how's this doing for everyone?

    Any chance we could get these frags logged into the system? I'm curious to see what it does color-wise in different tanks.
  12. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    Looking good so far......

  13. anathema

    anathema Guest

    It's a fish! It's a submarine! It's A softy that grows like crazy and encrusts large areas but is fairly easily controllable!

    Super, man!

    I have a lot more of this now. Want to cover your overflow? I got ya covered.

    It is an encrusting coral that grows over stuff, but doesn't (so far) send out runners, planulae, or go sexual and spread where it hasn't touched.

    Pick it up in the mission in SF.
  14. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    I can also bring some to the next meeting!!

  15. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Thought I'd bump this as I have a lot available. It has proven hardy, but not overly invasive, in my care. If you are looking for a different softy to cover up some real estate get in touch.
  16. euod

    euod Supporting Member

    I'll go for some.
  17. bondolo

    bondolo Supporting Member

    I assume it tolerates/prefers lower light levels? If so I am definitely interested in a piece
  18. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Yep, it does fine in low light. I tossed a bit in my refugium and I came back from alaska to it being totally full of algae. The little piece is looking pretty much the same underneath all the algae.

    I'm in the mission in SF, might try to make the next meeting but no promises. Life has been full this year.
  19. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Tank looked ok when I stopped by. Didn't do the water change because you were due back so soon after. hopefully everything is okay? I tested alk, it was like 7, put in a little buffer.
  20. anathema

    anathema Guest

    Yep everything looks fine, thanks for checking on it.

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