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Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by Gomer, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    So 2 days ago, my yes grew red and the grin grew large as my hand guided the razor through the flesh of my neons. Slice and dice was the name of the game, and I scored many points.

    In the end, I have several frags roughly 1/4" to 3/8" with polyps retracted. Ordinarily, I would feel guilty about the tiny frags (the parents were't that big to begin with), but then I recall that this was the very size of frag I paid good money for a year or so ago. If you want a large frag, look elsewhere :p

    As I said, they are freshly fragged and healing and are likely angry at me for butchering them. Ideally, they will be all healed up, happy and extended, attached to the frag plug, and growing by the regular April meeting. However, you are more then welcome to request a frag to be brought to the BOD meeting or pickup in Livermore before then.

    1) Bar Member
    2) Pick up at BOD or Regular meeting or Livermore
    3) Must put at least 2 back in before trading or selling
    4) Post a number from 1 through 50. Three closest people by Thursday morning gets the frags :D
  2. LeviT

    LeviT Guest

    Keep'em coming Tony!
  3. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Oh, I fully intend to!!
  4. xinumaster

    xinumaster Guest

    Don't want one (I got a few already), but I just want to play the number game.

  5. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    What Perry said :D

  6. musclebenz

    musclebenz Guest

    I pick number 21 as my lucky number
  7. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    man, the two who didn't want it, followed rule #4 and the one who didn't, broke it!

    so perplexing this new game distribution method is!

  8. earthboy17

    earthboy17 Guest

    I want one very badly; put me in line.

    I choose number: 9, lucky number 9.
  9. i just want to play the #s game :p

    3 for me
  10. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    1. musclebenz
    2. Earthboy17
  11. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Still one more frag available :) Easy colorful coral for you newer folk.
  12. musclebenz

    musclebenz Guest

    Thanks Tony!!
  13. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    I'll take a piece, Tony.
  14. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Done :) PM sent.
  15. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    I have 2 more of these
  16. Elite

    Elite Guest

    pick up at the next meeting? If so put me down for one please :) ..
  17. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    1. Phong
    2. Eric

    you'll be at the next meeting this coming Sat, right?
  18. Elite

    Elite Guest

    That's the plan :) .. Thanks..
  19. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    Remember to bring mine please...
  20. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    of course. ...or I risk a stiff beating!

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