DBTC - Blue Ochtodes

Discussion in 'DBTC - Other' started by Paradox, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. glee

    glee BOD

  2. Reef Keeper

    Reef Keeper Guest

    It's a beauty. Would look awesome in my fuge :love:
  3. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    Bump - Is this still around?

  4. BigMac

    BigMac Guest

    thats a good question.. that looked cool as hell.
  5. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    crazy cool
  6. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Zero frags recorded.. Crazy not cool. Stuff like this makes me lose faith in DBTC =
  7. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Don't lose faith.
    Other chains have survived.
  8. GDawson

    GDawson Guest


    We have a good group here......the spirit of sharing and preserving is awesome! :beer:

  9. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    These are true :) Though, as Jeremy pointed out, people not even taking the initiative to record frags isn't too cool. I'd rather have a DBTC coral get recorded and die than for it to just become a free coral, hence the purpose of chains :D. Things do get lost in the shuffle from time to time but hopefully that is a minority case.
  10. nudibranch

    nudibranch Guest

    Can I get in line for the next generation?
  11. Roc

    Roc Guest

    Any of this around?
  12. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    Gotcha covered
    Pm me for my number
  13. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    If I was to get some of this would my yellow tang just munch on it till it was gone? I don't have a refugium.

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