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Discussion in 'DBTC - Zoas' started by Chromis, Jun 6, 2017.

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  1. Chromis

    Chromis Guest

    This unnamed vamp zoa (Dusky Peach Vamp as I will call it until it can be ID'd) came from @Ibn.

    Usual rules apply:
    -Must be a contributing member
    -DBTC on the first few frags before selling/trading
    -Willingness to help me or Ibn restock this zoa if we should lose ours.

    Reply with preference for "loose" frag, glued to plug, or glued to rubble.

    Pick up at Neptune's this Sat at 1:30 or arrange another pick up time from Mountain View.

    Here is a pic of the mother colony:

    Disclaimers: my tank still has traces of bubble algae, macro algae, and a small sprinkling of tiny planaria since the Feb. frag swap that my 6-line wrasse seems to have eaten (but were not chemically/definitively removed); in other words, treat this frag with dips like you would any other! Salinity 1.023, dKH 8.4, 77F, Kessil lighting.
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