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    For a while now the BOD has been aware that there are MANY great corals that can no longer be given away in DBTC. It seems we've finally figured out how to make the line for free coral very short - ABUNDANCE. Unfortunately, this problem of abundance has restricted our club's ability to propagate and disseminate corals, and that's no good.

    So, on the suggestion of Roc, we're now opening up the ability to extend BAR chains to other clubs.

    Here's how it will work...

    The BOD has created a number of accounts such as "dbtc - NCRC 1","dbtc - NCRC 2", "dbtc - NCRC 3". There are similar account for other local clubs as well. If you have a DBTC coral available that you cannot give away within BAR you can select one of these club DBTC users as the receiver. Then give it to someone in that club and start a DBTC thread in their forums.

    That's it. Simple, right?

    Ideally, it would be nice if you include a link to the DBTC thread in the other club's forum so that we can bask in the glory of successive generations, but we'll leave that choice to to you.

    Now here's a few quick FAQ's:

    1) How long should I wait before I hand a coral off to another club?

    That is your call. Enabling other BAR members to get corals in the program is important, but at this stage propagation is more important than hoarding.

    2) How do I get DBTC accounts for my club?

    Post you club name here or PM me and/or the membership BOD member to be added.

    3) Why are there 3 accounts for each club?

    So each coral from a thread can be giving to the same club as much as 3 times!

    4) Why didn't we think of this before?

    Dunno. But I sure am glad Roc spoke up.

    5) When can I start giving corals to NCRC, MARS, NVR, or another club?

    NOW! Go! Make it happen!

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