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DBTC: Fruit Loop Zoa

Discussion in 'DBTC - Zoas' started by RandyC, Mar 11, 2017.

Fruit Loop Zoa
Chain Started on:
Latest Updated on:
Chain Length:
300 days
Most Generous Donors:
Most Single Donations:
Number of Transactions:
Currently Growing:
Currently Available:
Currently Failures:
Currently Unknown:
    • RandyC
      • Baykes
      • Flagg37
      • tankguy
      • coral4me
      • hermit
    1. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Standard rules apply: Mine dies, I go to the top of the list for next available frag. I'd prefer this to just be passed along to supporting members and used as backup for everyone and not a for profit thing. If your tank is not currently in a good state, please refrain from requesting at this time. Please also update if yours dies or you pass it along to someone. Play nice!

      My placement details.
      Location: Sand bed
      Light: Radion XR15w (130-140 PAR)
      Flow: Low-Moderate


      I currently have one 4-polyp frag available. (Gone to Baykes)
      Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
    2. iCon

      iCon Supporting Member

      Location? Interested at some point
    3. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Castro Valley. Work in Milpitas.
    4. Baykes

      Baykes Webmaster

      Also interested. I live in San Jose so pick up in milpitas would be feasible.
    5. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Yours @Baykes. PM'ed you for pick up options.
    6. musclebenz

      musclebenz Supporting Member

      I would like frag if still available. I can pick up in Castro Valley on weekend
    7. Flagg37

      Flagg37 Colorado member

      I'd like to get one at some point. My last fruit loops disappeared. I'm pretty sure it got knocked off into the sand and blown around somewhere. I had found it in the sand bed once before. No hurry though, just put me on the list.
    8. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

    9. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      Id like to get on this list too
    10. Baykes

      Baykes Webmaster

      Thanks for the frag! Added myself to the chain.
      RandyC likes this.
    11. BSAJim

      BSAJim Guest

      On the list, please.
    12. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

    13. Flagg37

      Flagg37 Colorado member

      I'll take one. My sps hasn't been happy lately but all my zoas are doing well.
    14. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Yours @Flagg37! Can meet you at neptunes at lunch again if that works for you. PM me for a day.

      I have one more frag available.
    15. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      Yeah Randy I'd be interested
    16. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Done. Will PM to arrange a pickup time.
      tankguy likes this.
    17. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

    18. Tmjvb

      Tmjvb Guest

      Still have a frag of this?
    19. hermit

      hermit Supporting Member

      I'd love to get added to the chain for this DBTC.

      Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
    20. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      I can make two frags. @Tmjvb still interested?

      These are the last two frags I'll make for while, hopefully, others in the chain will be able to provide frags to interested parties.

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