DBTC Haliptilon / Rhodophyta

Discussion in 'DBTC - Other' started by bluenassarius, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Anybody looking for some display red macroalgae? it looks like feathers. regular dbtc rules apply.

    -pls don't have any herbivorous fish in the display.

    key facts

    -slow-medium grower.

    -not likely to go sexual unless it is severally deprived of nutrients.

    -likes low-medium light, will bleach under halides

    2 pieces of it available (not large)

    can deliver to the swap.

  2. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Cool stuff 8)
  3. Dyngoe

    Dyngoe Guest

    I'd like a piece at the swap. I'm always looking for new macro algae.
  4. got ya down 4 a piece. phong, you want one loose like this or as we discussed before on rock?
  5. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Rock :)
  6. ok phong,

    1 piece of still available.
  7. 70Cuda

    70Cuda Guest

    Is this good for my refugium? Have only the while lights on it but can switch out pc strip if it needs.
  8. Elite

    Elite Guest

    I piece I bought from Sam hasn't grow a bit. chaeto is good for refugium.
  9. 70,

    more of a display macro not fuge.

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