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Discussion in 'DBTC - Zoas' started by Ibn, Mar 14, 2017.

Neptune zoas
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    • Ibn
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    1. Ibn

      Ibn Supporting Member

      Standard rules apply - if I was to lose these zoas, I'd be bumped up to the top of the chain. These are meant to be backups so I'm limiting availability to a certain number with 1 polyp each and once the numbers are filled, I will not be fragging them again. The redistribution should come from the receivers of these chains. Also, please refrain from signing up for multiple frags. Supporting members only.

      I'd prefer this to just be passed along to supporting members and used as backup for everyone and not a for profit thing.

      Pick up in Santa Clara or at Neptune Aquatics.


      If you've ever been to Neptune, you've seen these before, which are still being sold for a premium. These are kind of muted at the moment since I'm running an inbalance.

      1. gabloo (KoKo)
      Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
    2. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      Inline, but not ready to pick it up in two weeks

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    3. gabloo

      gabloo Guest

      I would like to get one please.
    4. Ashalye

      Ashalye Webmaster

      Me too please. :)
    5. Julius Chen

      Julius Chen Supporting Member

      I am #5 in line.

      Am I in? Can't believe I am!
    6. Ibn

      Ibn Supporting Member

      Got you covered. Thanks for reading. ;)
    7. Julius Chen

      Julius Chen Supporting Member


      This is my first time signing up on a DBTC. Should I wait till u signal when and where to meet?
    8. Ibn

      Ibn Supporting Member

      Julius, I haven't updated any of the DBTC where folks are signing up for multiple frags. I want the zoas to hit as many tanks as possible and have only been updating and distributing the frags to those who didn't sign up for multiples. If you want to nail down one that you're really interested in, let me know and I can update that specific chain.
    9. Julius Chen

      Julius Chen Supporting Member

      No problem. I signed up for 2, and will wait for your notification.

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    10. gabloo

      gabloo Guest

      Thanks for a frag eric!
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    11. Ibn

      Ibn Supporting Member

      No problem, KoKo! Good luck with it.
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    12. gabloo

      gabloo Guest

      Hello Eric,
      I am planning to shut down my tank. Would you like me to pass it back to you or pass it onto another person? It is grown to 6-7 polyps
    13. ashburn2k

      ashburn2k Webmaster

      I don’t mind to take it from you

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