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Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by boun11, Aug 2, 2015.

Red Dragon
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10 days
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, boun11
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    • boun11
      • gaberosenfield
    1. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      I traded for a Red Dragon colony. I will but two frags into the DBTC. I will cut it and let it heals for 2 weeks. Standard DBTC rules. Your tank must be stable and able to keep SPS. Pick # 1-25. I will ask my kids to pick random number again.
    2. Nav

      Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    3. jonmos75

      jonmos75 Supporting Member

      24 is my number
    4. Geneva

      Geneva Supporting Member

    5. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      6. What a nice offering, way to go Boun!
    6. neuro

      neuro Webmaster

      Great offerring!!!

      I pick #1

      kids like being number 1
    7. nly04

      nly04 Guest

    8. tankguy

      tankguy BOD

      Awesome dtbc coral. Wish I was ready for this
    9. Seaslugteam

      Seaslugteam Guest

      Looks pretty cool. I also wish my tank was ready :).
    10. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      okay. Since not many people want to try this I will make enough frags for: Nav, nly04, Neuro, Coral reefer, Geneva, and Jonmos75. I gave 1 DBTC frag to gaberosenfield already. So 7 frags in the DBTC should be enough to keep this corals growing :)
    11. Nav

      Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

      Wow! Awesome that everyone's a winner :) Thanks @boun11.
      Geneva likes this.
    12. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      I am working from home today if anyone wants to pick up the frags from Berkeley :)
    13. Enderturtle

      Enderturtle Volunteer

      Put me in line for the next one.
    14. gaberosenfield

      gaberosenfield Juvenile Chromis over an Acro in the Red Sea

      Thanks for the frag Boun!
    15. Seaslugteam

      Seaslugteam Guest

      I'll also sign up to be in line after Enderturtle.
    16. Merith

      Merith Guest

      I will be interested in one down the road when I get the upgrades up and sps ready right now I doubt it would make it more than a day or two with how the tanks going now.

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    17. neuro

      neuro Webmaster

      wow awesome!! thank you!!!

      anyone willing to pick a frag up for me? would be in debt.. hint hint @Nav
    18. jonmos75

      jonmos75 Supporting Member


      Can I pick up the coral next time I get over to San Jose area...I will send a PM for contact info
    19. gaberosenfield

      gaberosenfield Juvenile Chromis over an Acro in the Red Sea

      Well, sadly my frag RTNed while I was at work yesterday... I'm not sure why because other corals are doing fine, but some reefcentral threads suggest that red dragon is very sensitive to dips, even Bayer, which I use. Be extra careful with your frags of this! Sorry to everyone that I lost it :-(
    20. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      Wow! It's that sensitive! Good to know

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