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Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by boun11, Aug 2, 2015.

Red Dragon
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    • boun11
      • gaberosenfield
    1. Nav

      Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

      What dip did you use when you got it? For how long?
    2. gaberosenfield

      gaberosenfield Juvenile Chromis over an Acro in the Red Sea

      I used 5 mL Bayer advanced insect killer complete per cup of tank water and dip for 5-10 minutes. However, a few days after the red dragon RTNed, the other SPS in my quarantine tank also started looking badly. I wonder now if temperature swings and/or non-optimal alkalinity levels are really what killed the red dragon frag. Regardless, this thing is really sensitive so be careful!
    3. muhli

      muhli Guest

      Its nice to know that DBTC isn't just the act of preserving the lineage of a specific coral, but also the knowledge on how to do so

      Thanks again @gaberosenfield !
    4. Nav

      Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

      I did some reading on this. There are a lot of posts on other forums about people loosing smooth skinned Acros (Enchinata, Turaki, Caroliniana & Dragons) to dips. Between Bayers, Rx & Revive, there's no clear winner cos people using all of these have mostly had negative reactions, a few positives...

      Lot of people suggest either QT'ing or risking straight to DT w/o dipping (if you trust the source). 90% of the posts I saw are RTN overnight after dip, so you're not alone here. People have had better luck with stronger dips for short time (3-5min) over normal dip for long periods (10-15min).
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    5. mediumrare

      mediumrare Guest

      I dipped the Tyree Red Dragon i got from JF on friday in Coral RX, and it's looking happy with polyps out as of last night.
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    6. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      Bad news! I came home from vacation today and 3/4 of the Red Dragon colony RTN and all of the frags are goners :( hopefully it comes back. Planning to do big water change tomorrow. Hopefully it recovers and I can get the dbtc to all of you!
    7. siokoy

      siokoy Supporting Member

      Sorry to hear about the RTN boun....

    8. jonmos75

      jonmos75 Supporting Member

      Oh...no...how are your other corals?

      I have faith you will get them back up and going...:)
    9. Nav

      Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

      Ouch :( hope the other coral are fine...
    10. Geneva

      Geneva Supporting Member

      Sorry to hear - hope you had a nice vacation and that everything recovers....
    11. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      Yes, it is. All of my other corals are doing well. As of this morning only a small portion at the very bottom is still alive. I hope it pull through so I can grow it out and jump start this DBTC again.
    12. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      Damn! A very generous attempt results in disaster. Tough luck and hopefully it pulls through!
    13. boun11

      boun11 Supporting Member

      Yup.. All dead now but I am getting another colony from the same person through another trade :) Stay tune!
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    14. Enderturtle

      Enderturtle Volunteer


      Boun you should wait a couple weeks to let it acclimate to your tank before fragging.

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