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Discussion in 'DBTC - Info and Discussion' started by zepplock, Mar 17, 2009.

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    So it looks like several people have tried the system, created chains, exchanged frags and provided feedback which is great (really appreciated too!).

    What I'd like to hear next is if BAR plans to use it or not (preferably from BOD). Development takes time and I need to evaluate if i should continue this project or not. Supporting BAR's DBTC tracking was the goal of this project and BARs participation means a lot. In the process it turned out that other clubs are very interested in this effort too and still evaluating the system. So if I get a "critical mass" of clubs committing to use it - I plan to maintain and develop it further; and BAR is a big "mass" ;-) Otherwise it is not worth an effort and I have other toy projects to play with (evil laughter here) :party:

    Just re-read it and realized it may sound like a demand and it's not. I'm just trying to decide what to do next and would like to work with BAR if BAR commits to use it.
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    Norman sent an email about this to Vlad, Charles, and I and we've been talking about it some there. I just wanted to post here to let everyone else know what's going on.

    Vlad's software is super cool and he's done a fantastic job. However, the BOD is concerned about the integration issues so I've taken a stab at simple tracking mechanism that's implemented on top of Drupal. It's not as full featured as Vlad's software but all the tracking and editing is within the thread and it's in one system with one database.

    The BOD is looking at these options and evaluating the pros and cons.

    I just want to say that whichever way we end up going, Vlad's done a fantastic job and deserves mad kudos for all his hard work.

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