Dealing with a Evil Clown

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by GDawson, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. gerbilbox

    gerbilbox Guest

    I did read that. Even though the etymology doesn't make all that much sense, we are still using it to refer to clowns in some way so I figured I try to make a cheap joke by adding ichthy to it.
  2. hermesfansf

    hermesfansf Guest

    My snowflake clown does the same thing. She is able to swim side by side with a purple tang that is double her size. I am not sure if she is still paired up with the black clown, as she has been acting a total B towards him........
  3. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    I think I have "coulroichthyphobia" :(
    Seems to me a good name for "Fear of clown fish with ich".
    A recent issue of mine.
  4. chicken

    chicken Guest

    Thats nothing. Try a pissed off 12" Clown Trigger. Yours is just a flesh wound. :)
  5. Erick

    Erick Guest

    My clowns are so nice. I've had them for two years now give or take a month. Never had any aggression problems and they have lasted in less than desirable conditions when I was having trouble with my tank.

    Have to thank Fingerwrinkles for breeding quality fish :)

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