[Dec 10, 2016] December 10 2016 potluck w/ Rich Ross! (Hayward, ca)

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By Coral reefer on Nov 15, 2016 at 10:10 AM
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    Come one come all for the annual BAR Holliday potluck. Sat December 10, 2016. We should be in room 405 at chabot college. I don't have the details of the presentation Rich has for us, but he said it's a new one.

    For those that don't know Rich, he is a local aquarium God that happens to work at the California academy of science, and is awesome enough to give a presentation for us pretty much every December. He also happens to be one of the founding members of BAR.

    Plan on bringing a food or beverage to share with everyone, we usually get 20-35 people for this event. Please post in the thread that you are coming and what you are bringing. It's ok to not bring anything if you are not going to be eating or drinking, but what fun is that?!

    There will be a BOD meeting either before or after the potluck and presentation which will be mandatory for all board members, and open to any club members. It is highly encouraged to attend and learn about how your club works, and what you can do to help.
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December 10 2016 potluck w/ Rich Ross!
Start Date: Dec 10, 2016 12:30 PM
End Date: Dec 10, 2016 03:30 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -08:00 PST

Chabot college room 405

Hayward, ca

Posted By: Coral reefer

Confirmed Attendees: 10
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Coral reefer, Nov 15, 2016.

    1. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Rich was good, the people were ok, the smoked chicken was frickin awesome!
      We got the callender filled out for the next year. Will be posting it soon
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    2. Flagg37
      I almost posted a reminder about the name tags too but figured it was handled.

      It was good to finally hear Rich give a presentation. There were a few things I was surprised about.
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    3. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      We obviously missed club mom @Geneva and her pork buns and name tags. Hope her little miss molly is doing well.
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    4. jonmos75
      I enjoyed seeing everyone who attended. Rich's presentation was educational and entertaining like always, Food was good.

      Can't wait to see next years events so I can lock them in and not have so many conflicts with other family events.
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    5. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      We have about 6 events locked in and are trying to get the rest planned out ASAP.
    6. Thales
      That was a blast. Thanks for having me!
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    7. Newjack
      THANK YOU for having us!
      I loved your honest approach to simple reef keeping.
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    8. Vhuang168
      So who has the cliff notes!?!

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    9. roostertech
      Main takeaway for me was don't chase nitrate/phosphate, do frequent water change

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    10. Ashalye
      Automate as much as possible.. use a Neptune controller for everything (ATO, water changes, emptying the skimmer, monitoring, dosing, lights, pumps, feeding...)
    11. sfsuphysics
      Much better than the clown we had last December, or the year before that!
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    12. Wlachnit
      That was me!....lol. Yeah...agree on the initial awkwardness for those of us that haven't met live.

      It was fantastic afternoon. Rich' presentation was fantastic and inspirational.

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