December 09 Financials

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    Attached are the December 2009 Financials. I have manually adjusted the Budget to actual report as I did last period. The first column includes YTD items, the second includes the 2009 annual budget (surplus from the 2008 budget (approx $1,500) is included, hence the budgeted loss), the third column represents surplus amounts.

    Items of interest:

    1) 4 new members since Aug October 18th
    2) Total paid members (excluding BOD members ) are 197 (208 if we include old family memberships as 2 people)
    3) Check figure- ending cash at 10/17/09 $10,988.82 - less reserve for full year expenses ($5,500) approx = $5,488.82 (surplus)
    4) monster raffle for a regular meeting raffle. (Thanks to both our sponsors and our members)

    Attached files 12-13-09 Financials.pdf (80.4 KB)
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    Looking Good $)

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