Diablo Corals' 3RD Annual Frag Swap

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    Hello everyone........

    On Feb. 22nd of 2014 Diablo Corals is proud to announce it will be holding its 3rd Annual Frag Swap at Diablo Corals. This year we are bringing out all the big guns we got and pulling no stops to make this the biggest swap we've held.

    This year the Raffle is going to be for a very awesome cause. Proceeds from the swap and raffle will be donated to Mr. Rutherford's 3rd grade class at Garden Hills Elementary. We were turned on to this amazing story from Gresham at Reef Nutrition and we felt this class is what we need to keep the hobby alive. Mr Rutherford teaches his students portions of the class from his tank as well as teach them responsibilities using the tank. If you want to know more about the class or donate directly please see the link below...


    The swap this year will be like all of our swaps in the past, we will start registration at 11am and start the swap at 1pm SHARPLY..... I will post all the rules in the next post so just be patient.

    Here is the list of companies that will be donating to the raffle, i will be updating this list here as well as our Facebook page as they come in.


    Reef Angel
    Reef Nutrition
    AP Breed
    Jester6 Rockwork
    Diablo Corals
    Thomas Reef Vision

    We have a Facebook event set for this swap, you can add yourself and follow the fun there too...


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    Diablo Corals Third Annual Frag Swap
    This Swap is being held for us to meet new reefers in the area and let you meet our staff. It also will allow you to get new corals and meet new reefers. This year swap has a little special meaning to us as we will be donating proceeds from swap and raffle to the younger new reefers growing up and taking a liking to the hobby!!

    This swap is open to all enthusiasts and family members.

    To participate in the swap you must meet our requirements:

    Be willing to meet new reefers, have 3 or more corals to swap and pay the registration fees

    How the swap will work

    • Corals will be placed on tables with a family of corals (I.E. Zoas, soft corals, LPS, SPS - sticks, SPS - plates, other)

    • You will receive a name tag/bracelet with a group letter

    • letters will be called in this order: A;B:C:D;E;F;Z;Z;F;E;D;C;B;A;A...
• When your group letter is called, in the first round, you will have a few minutes to select a coral

    • Successive rounds will be shorter and you will be able to grab more corals.

    “That sounds neat, how do I participate?”

•Show up for Registration 11:30-12:45

    •Bring three or more different strains of coral

    Important Information

    •The swap will be held on Feb. 22th 2014, @ Diablo Corals
    •Swap registration is 11:30-12:45, anyone coming late to check in automatically is placed into the final picking group

    •The swap starts at 1:00 hard
    •The raffle will be held during the swap, so keep your ears open
    •We ask that you package your corals in deli containers NO ZIPLOCK BAGS. Not only can you see the corals better, they do not leak all over the place . If you show up with substandard packing you will be asked to purchase deli containers and repackage and label your corals.
    •All containers shall be labeled with the coral type, your name and internet handle and growing conditions if they are not labeled you will be required to label them on the spot
    •There will be food and beverages available for purchase during the event

    • Any corals that are deemed unhealthy or freshly fragged will not qualify you for the swap.
    •There will be a raffle of items for donations and corals. Tickets will be on sale at the event. $1 a ticket or 6 for $5 . There will be many items up for grabs and we will also be giving away a CRAZY door prize away to one lucky participant.
    One last thing

    Please treat all corals that you pick at the swap as if they are infected with the worst pests known to man,. Not only does dipping help to prevent pests from making their way into your tank, it can help to prevent the spread of nuisance algae as well as keeping the instances of necrosis to a minimum.

    Non-Qualifying Corals

    *these organisms have been deemed too common in the hobby. They will be placed on a separate table from other corals at the swap.

    Green Star Polyp (GSP)

    Brown Protopalythoa (sea mat)




    Encrusting Gorgonian (brown GSP)


    Kenya Tree


    Colt Coral


    Brown Toadstool Leather


    Macroalgae (California legal varieties)
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    Tank Wars? Is this another fish tank "reality" TV show? Or some web/youtube video series?
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    Yes its a YouTube show..... Really cool dude and he is a big supporter of the hobby not the industry!
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    Sweet, I'll need to check it out.
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    Frag-A-Rack also made a donation of 2 racks for the raffle.........

    BAYMAC Guest

    The hopes is it gets picked up for TV, but for now its YouTube. This is something Thomas and Harry from Reef Hobbyist Magazine are doing.
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    Looking forward to seeing you Jess
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    Pre Reg is open you can paypal as gift or pay at store
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    RODS FOOD has donated multi packs again this year for the swap.....
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    Love Rod's Food.
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    Jess, what is the paypal address for pre-registration?
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    So excited, can't wait.
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    PLEASE if you prepaid already please PM me your screen name and real name.....

    Pay Pal shows real names and not everyone wrote their screen names in the notes

    Thanks again......
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    Do I REALLY need to PM you my forum handle, really? C'mon...
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    26 days and counting, are you ready??? We are ohhhhh and btw we just added two more raffle prizes to be announced on Facebook today
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