Diablo Corals Swap Video

Discussion in 'Diablo Corals' started by eldiablosrt8, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. eldiablosrt8

    eldiablosrt8 Sponsor

    Here is the official swap video made by Thomas Brown......

    I do see alot of club memebers from all the local clubs in there..................

    Please folllow Thomas on YouTube and please share the video on your Facebook page if you can as well
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  2. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    Cool video. Good to see my other club (WCR) so well represented. And a special shout out to Carlos, aka kessil winner!
  3. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Wow looked like a very large swap.

    One odd thing I noticed in the video at 5:45, looking at the frag rack there seems to be blue/purple rings that go outward. I thought Kessils were supposed to stop this type of color banding.
  4. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    I see that banding as alternate blue and green rings. Odd.

    Hard to tell if it's some camera artifact or from lights. Lights seem to be in a position where that pattern would be difficult to produce. I'd vote for camera artifact.

    Maybe Jess could reproduce the camera angle and shoot with his nice camera.
  5. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Well the "blue" is an aquamarine color so maybe you see green :D

    Yeah I wondered if that may have been a camera artifact too, refresh is at a particular cycle allow you to catch those moments *shrug*. I do notice alternate colored squares as a result of the frag rack too. Ok I'm probably just over analyzing the unimportant parts of the video :D
  6. tr1gger

    tr1gger Keyboard Cowboy

    I saw myself! ;) I'm gonna be famous now maw!
  7. aqua-nut

    aqua-nut Supporting Member

    Yep. You missed the important parts - WCR folks photobombing with our new t-shirts and of course Dan, aka tr1gger, becoming a famous youTube star! ;)
  8. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Cool event Jess , I will pat myself on the back for being a 1 time raffle winner and for knowing a future star Trigger aka Dan

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