Diablo Corals Update 10/2/2012

Discussion in 'Diablo Corals' started by eldiablosrt8, Oct 2, 2012.

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    As some of you may have noticed we have been sorta absent posting here on the forums. I can assure you we've been busy though. Over the last 3-4 weeks we have been documenting the Kessil Swap, fragging corals for BAP, fragging for your swap,and making new designer frags of acans, acros, zoas/palys and chalices. I dont want you guys to think we are missing, we are reloading to make a big splash in a few weeks, be prepared for an amazing october and finish to the year. If you have time come on out and check out the 1st and only 100% Kessil powered store. You will be pleased by the look, the corals growth,color,happiness and of course the temp in our baby sauna....

  2. eldiablosrt8

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