Digital Refractometer

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by pixelpixi, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. pixelpixi

    pixelpixi Guest

    I'm considering getting this:

    Has anyone used one? What do you think?
  2. CamryDS

    CamryDS Guest

    that one crazy refractometer -- dunno if it needs to be calibrated like the normal ones. but 200 bucks to just tell you how much salt there is in water is a bit much for me =). it is an awesome piece of equipment though.
  3. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    First one I've seen. I agree about the fact it's a pricey little bugger! My analogue refractometer is very quick and easy to use and freed up cash for salt mix.
  4. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    Erin likes her toys :p

    If you have the money and want it, go for it. I don't think you will gain anything over a standard refractors though.
  5. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    Yes, it has a brain! I'd love one, perhaps in the future I'll spring for it, after Erin tests hers of course :D
  6. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    That's some fancy contraption there and well suited for a geek.
  7. pixelpixi

    pixelpixi Guest

    It is a bit expensive but I'm surprised nobody else here has sprung for one. I'm not the only one around here who likes their toys.

    Reasons why I don't like my refractometer:
    - it's annoying to have to squint through it and try to figure out where the stupid line is
    - often gets bubbles and I have to wipe and take a new sample
    - often don't have a bright point light source handy (especially when the halide is off)
    - frequently gets off and needs recalibration

    Since it's one of the most frequent things I do on my tank, it seems worth it to spend a little more to make life easier. That said, I asked on RC and the word is that this isn't all that accurate. They recommend conductivity meters, which are more expensive, but might still be worth it to me if it's something I use frequently for years.

    I had a PinPoint conductivity meter once, but it got wet and shorted out. So I definitely want something waterproof too.
  8. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    I'd love a new brain too. is this the line?
  9. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    Do it!
    Very cool gizmo.
  10. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

  11. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    2nd in line for a new brain in case Jim discovers his is working ok. :)
  12. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Um what are you going to do with your old brains? If your just going to trash them I'd love to get a few for a project I am working on :lol:
  13. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    Old brain has high mileage looking to trade in for a newer model. Would love to package to also upgrade to some new knees, a right shoulder and back.
  14. mray2660

    mray2660 Treasurer

    Here is a link for a unit that has higher senstivity but is not cheap

    AQUAR Seawater Refractometer this equivalent to lab grade unit that I have in my labs.

  15. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    You want a new unused brain with nothing in it??

  16. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

    i'll take 2 please
  17. pixelpixi

    pixelpixi Guest

    I ordered something but I am not saying what for fear of being made fun of!
  18. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    What if I like to make fun of people who don't want to say what they ordered out of fear of being made fun of?!!!
  19. pixelpixi

    pixelpixi Guest

    Oh I'm doomed!
  20. seminolecpa

    seminolecpa Past President

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