Do These Corals Encrust?

Discussion in 'Coral' started by MolaMola, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    We are planning to mount some frags on novelty frag plugs/rocks to grow out, so need to use ones that encrust. Do these?
    mummy eye chalice
    flat spongodes monti
    leptoseris in general
  2. coral4me

    coral4me Supporting Member

    Yes to the leptos,

    No to spongodes, tends to finger upward.

    Mummy eye might work, tends to to table a bit.

    cyphastrea, leptastria

    Encrusting Montipora: Mystic, superman, sunset

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  3. Lepto is your best bet there. The Mummy Eye might but you'd have to do some research on how much flow and light it would need to tend to table completely instead of having some short, squat peaks.

    Most Lepto's are good growers too unless they are in my tank.
  4. But this is the best one!
  5. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    Although Pink Boobies would clearly be the correct choice for that application, Bruce.

    Thanks for the info, you guys. Cyphastrea was the inspiration and I have some of those montis and one lepto. If all goes well, there may be some unusual frags at the March swap.
  6. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    I would use that meteor shower coral... I have never seen it do anything but encrust. I've seen purple haze monti plate in order to traverse pukani rock so encrusting montis might not go where you want them.
  7. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    Yep, I thought our meteor shower had stopped growing until I picked up its rock and saw it had encrusted all the way around, even in the dark underside. I thought we'd try some other corals, too. Thanks for the purple haze @Chromis !
  8. Bruce, you ole' hounddog! ;)
  9. daddio

    daddio Supporting Member

    Would love to see some progress pics. We picked up some skulls from Jestersix and are going to do a couple "coral heads"

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