Dosing Kalk based on pH

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by r0ck0, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    I use my apex to dose kalk when my pH is below 8.0. Is this a good range to add kalk, should I lower it to say pH 7.8? My pH rarely drops lower than 8 so I don't want to overdose and end up raising my pH too high. The apex is dosing kalk based on the pH probe and the float switch when the water level drops for ATO.

    I had an issue with my pH probe last week, it was reporting my pH was very high, 8.6, but alk and calc were in proper range, 420ca, 8alk, 1280mg. Turned out I just needed to clean and calibrate the probe. Made me think that my kalk dosing was out of control so I'm looking for some advice so I don't end up over dosing for realz.


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