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  1. Hi Guys,

    I took a break for a few years and now have my own home, so its time to setup a tank again. The theme of this tank is as little life taken directly from the ocean as possible.

    I'm also going to be using the foam rock/wall design.

    Equipment so far.
    25 gal Mr. Aqua cube - 99 plus shipping

    Super Reef Octopus LX 1000S Skimmer - 180 shipped

    Lumenarc Stealth pendant, 250 watt coralvue electronic, Ushio 20k - 240 shipped

    6 stage RO/DI unit - 95 shipped

    Rock and Livestock

    50 lbs of "Reef Saver" Rock from BRS, never been in the ocean(in our life times). 120 shipped

    I'll post some pictures soon of the process as it goes along.

    Looking for recommendations on members and shops that sell aqua cultured fish.

    Also, a couple suggestions on fish/invert that have a lot of character, as I hope to keep a low fish load.
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    Check out green marine in berkely, all about captive stuff! Other stores can often order stuff from Ora for you as well

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