DurTBear's 10 gallon frag tank

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by DurTBear, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    Thanks guys! Yeah...it's not easy. Doing the front was a chore in itself. The sides have multiple layers though so it's going to be a workout!
  2. nasotang

    nasotang Guest

    Nice job on the gurgle buster. The tanks looking good too.

    You could also build in a small bubble tower.

  3. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    Someone on RC suggested that too. I think that's a great idea. It just might take up a lot of space in a 10 gallon but we'll see. I'm definitely open to the idea of trying it.
  4. itsacrispy

    itsacrispy Supporting Member

    Nice job Durwin. I need to start thinking about eliminating these microbubbles and gurgling as well in my overflow :(.
  5. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    Yeah...the microbubbles are tough. So many things generate microbubbles (skimmer, overflow, fuge return). A bunch of filter socks would do the trick although my tank would start looking like my laundry basket after a while...
  6. Elite

    Elite Guest

    it's a frag tank. Do you really need to get rid off all the bubbles? If you can cut down the noise then go for it. If it gives you more flow, why not use it?
  7. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    I guess it doesn't really matter in the end. But it's good practice for me when I setup my dream tank "the right way..." HAHAHA!!!
  8. Elite

    Elite Guest

    hehehe.. actually if you setup a dream tank, I would think that you will have the sump/fuge. Most bubbles are gone by the time the water gets to the return pump if you have the sump setup correctly.

    If you find a way to eliminate the bubbles, share.. It would be kinda cool to have two display tanks connect with one on top and one on the bottom 8) ..
  9. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    The filter sock did the trick! Stuck one on the drain output and now there are no more bubbles! This should help with microbubbles and salt creep that has been severely building around the drain pipe.
  10. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    Snapped some pics from my frag tank a while back and just wanted to share. The Bellina and Borealis were picked up last week at Ocean's Treasures.

    ORA Bellina:


    ORA Borealis:


    Sunset monti:

    Superman monti:

    ORA Red Planet:

    ORA Hawkins:
  11. A_Lee

    A_Lee Guest

    Those Monti's look awesome Durwin
  12. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    Thanks Ant. They're definitely two of my favorite pieces of coral in my tanks. I just need to glue them down onto some rock rubble so they'll grow out. Then I can put them into DBTC hopefully sometime this year.
  13. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Very nice tank and frag tank you have setup.

  14. DurTBear

    DurTBear Guest

    Thanks Adolfo. The frag tank definitely added a bit more to my maintenance/workload on the fish tanks. Have to top off more frequently and change out the filter socks every week or two. But it's been a fun and educational experience!

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