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    Wouldn't it be nice if week could start a partnership with reefers in another state so that we could replenish our tanks in the event of a disaster like an earthquake? I know living in Fremont, and being less than a mile away from the Hayward fault, that many of us will lose power for several days or maybe even weeks. Plus when such an event occurs, the last thing i'll be thinking about is my tank. Or at least I would like to think so. In all seriousness many of our hobbies and lives will have to be put on hold. When we get back into the swing of things a coral rich area like the bay area will be deprived of a lot of it's livestock. I'm sure the vultures will be out to sell us overpriced pieces. So not only thinking of ourselves, but others who would face such problems. We could start a network of reefers that could help each other out, and keep the precious and rare corals surviving for others to enjoy. I know we have started a relationship with the Manhattan Reefers, but maybe expanding on that a bit more. Just a thought.
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    Sorry didn't bother looking down the list see the idea has already been presented. Moderator sorry again!

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