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    I finally need to look into selling the Elos halide/led setup that came with my tank when I bought it. I’m not sure how much this set cost when new, but from what I could find online, it was over $2k.


    What I have: 2 x E-power 250 watt double ended pendants, with clear and frosted glass covers, 2 x Lumatek 250 watt variable output ballasts (I ran them @ 150 watts with no problems), 2x 400 mm Manta mounting brackets – there is an extra one, only one is necessary, 1 x blue led E-Lite and 4 Phoenix 14000k 250 watt DE bulbs. 2 I’m not sure of the usage (came with the setup) and 2 are basically new (run for about a month). Both of the mounting brackets have some chipping of the powder coating, but they seem to be made out of aluminum so there are no issues with corrosion, it’s purely a minor cosmetic thing. One of them needs some “adjusting” to fit the pendants properly, that’s the one I did not use. The whole setup, when assembled is about 30” across and 12” front to back. The halide pendants are 12” in diameter at the widest point. The light was a bit much for my 3’x2’ footprint tank even when running the MH’s at 150w, would probably be ideal for a 4’x2’.

    My preference is for this to go as a complete set, but if no one is interested, I’d be open to selling it in pieces.

    Whole kit: $500. Includes everything.

    Individual pendant setup: $150 each. Includes 1 pendant with clear and frosted glass covers, 2 bulbs, 1 ballast, 1 manta bracket, and all the cords you need to plug it in. A complete single bulb MH setup.

    Blue led: NFS unless part of the whole set. I really like this fixture and will find a way to use it if it doesn’t sell.

    I really liked this system when I was running it, and the hoarder in me wants to hold onto it for “some day”... But the reality is, I live in a small SF apartment, and the boxes take up room. Can bring it with me to the coral farmer’s market this Sat, or can be picked up at my place in SF or where I work in South San Francisco.


    With the frosted glass

    With the clear glass

    Elite LED module




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    And some more pics:

    The whole setup


    Detail of the powder coating on the bracket

    MH Bulbs

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