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  1. I was treating a new fish the other day and Monkeybiz's suggestion for emergency equipment came to mind. I keep a fairly sizable pharmacy of fish meds, and so far the arsenal has taken care of just about all the various parasites and diseases I've come across. It's not always possible to get to a store in the event of an emergency, so these are the meds I can supply to any BAR member in a pinch - just send me a PM. Most of these will expire without use anyhow, I just prefer to have them on hand when the need arises.

    Chloroquine Phosphate
    Clove Oil
    Erythromycin (Maracyn)
    Kanamycin (KanaPlex)
    Methylene Blue
    Minocycline (Maracyn 2)
    Praziquantel (PraziPro)
    Sulfathiazole / Sulfamethazine / Sulfacetamide (Triple Sulfa)
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  2. gimmito

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    Good list David !
  3. I can't be the only crazy person hoarding a pharmacy. :p Anyone else who has meds to share for emergencies, please post up what you've got and your city, either in your post or signature!
  4. aqua-nut

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    I've got Cupramine and PraziPro. Looking for a source of Chloroquine Phosphate.

    I'm in Santa Rosa!!
  5. gimmito

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    Pm Ed aka kmaintl...he might be going to BAP.
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    I keep Cupramine, Formalin, Methylene Blue, KanaPlex, Furan-2 and I proactively quarantine with:
    General Cure (Metronidazole and Praziquantel)
    Chloroquine Phosphate

    I carry extra chloroquine phosphate for purchase if anyone needs it.
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    David, you are such a nice guy :D

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