EMERGENCY need help advise ASAP

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Bginose94015, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Bginose94015

    Bginose94015 Guest

    Long story short woke up this morning and water was very cloudy. Took a look at the skimmer and it is going crazy making skillet. 100G tank lightly stocked with 2 clowns 1 mandarin and 1 randalls goby.

    Water perimeters have always been perfect. Get up this morning and water is very cloudy. Just ran a test and Amonia Nitrite at 0 and Nitrate @ 20ppm. I have been dealing with an algae problem off and on. Looks like most algae died off over night. Checked the two tiger counties and both appear to be alive.

    Goig to do a 10% water change... All I have made up ad ready to go. But unsure wha happened or what caused all the algae to die off...

    I really hope I don't lose my fish. My daughter will be crushed.
  2. Kmooresf

    Kmooresf Supporting Member

    Bummer, sorry to hear. Make sure your heater didn't break. If you have a sump, maybe run some filter socks...........add some fresh carbon and start making water for another water change. 10% might not be enough.

    Have you made any major changes recently? You mentioned dealing with algae..... did you add GFO, or bio pellets? Could just be a bacterial bloom if you are running pellets?

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  3. Bginose94015

    Bginose94015 Guest

    Added the mandarins go by and couches last thursday. Just run carbon no gfo.
  4. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Do you have any snails in the tank? Sometimes when one starts spawning they can trigger the rest to fire off their ... ahem... life giving stuff. And take it from me I had maybe 8 of those large turban/turbo snails in a 180g tank and them "gooing" the tank was enough to make it cloudy.
  5. Bginose94015

    Bginose94015 Guest

    Thanks for the info on snail super spawning. That might be it. Its just weird that a majority of my algae issue died off over night
  6. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Is temp normal?
  7. HiFidelity

    HiFidelity Guest

    do you dose any kalkwasser? 2 part? calcium reactor? bio-pellet reactor? any type of dosing or additive?
  8. Bginose94015

    Bginose94015 Guest

    Temp normal. Between 78-79 via apex. Just running carbon through mr1
  9. Bginose94015

    Bginose94015 Guest

    Things have seemed to stabilize. still not sure what happened. Think i lost my Mandarin :(. Running tons of carbon now and about a 30% Water Change. Almost all of my algae is gone. Corals look great so do the clowns goby and snails.

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