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Discussion in 'Coral' started by Ibn, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Ibn

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    I stopped by Michael's place yesterday and picked up some zoas from his collection that are having issues in his tank. They've been in my tank for almost 24 hours now and not a huge amount of improvement. Some of them are open but not all. Hopefully that'll change in the coming days and I'll be using this thread to track their progress.

    Top two are microzoas. You can see how small they are relative to a polyp in the first picture with an Acropora polyp in the frame (one of the smaller polyp Acropora sp.).

    Here's a close-up of the stalk of the one on the lower left corner. The stalks on them looks like there's some sort of film or fungus, which might be causing the issues. I'm considering either scraping some of it off to view under a microscope or even dipping in Furan 2 to see if that helps. This seems to be the only one that has the film (plus some white dots) around the stalk.

    Picture is a bit closer than what an eye normally see since they were all shot with my 105mm VR lens at 1:1 plus 68mm of extensions.
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  2. tankguy

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    Soon I'd like someone to come by and shoot some pics for me
  3. travis furia

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    Those thinks are beautiful and they are extremely small

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  4. Flagg37

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    Some kind of bacteria maybe?

    Nice vermetid snail in that first pic too. I hate those suckers.
  5. Enderturtle

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    Good luck! Hoep ya can recover them. I might try running carbon on my tank and doing a big water change!

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