EnderTurtle's 40 gallon breeder LPS

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Enderturtle, Jun 26, 2014.

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    I love these ricordeas, very nice. In our first 29gal mixed reef tank, we had a softball sized rock with different colored floridas covering the entire surface, it was awesome. They remain one of my favorite corals. I have some nice pink/blue ricordeas I grew from one @newhobby gave us, but I haven't seen colors like yours in any of the LFS out here.
  2. Enderturtle

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    Cool GIF images work on this forum :D

    I used ezgifs to make the gif.

    My CC flame tip.
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  3. wpeterson

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    Wow! That is an amazing anemone.

    Did you say you were nursing him back to health? He looks pretty good today.
  4. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    No I ordered a flame tip from coral collection and he showed up looking.....NOTHING like the picture. I was infuriated!

    So after 3 weeks of them promising me a new anemone and me calling them, they finally sent me this little guy.

    I'm keeping the faded nem in my tank and hopefully it will color up to look like this guy.
  5. Nano sapiens

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    Ditto, that is a beautiful anemone!
  6. Enderturtle

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    Okay half-tank shot and some pictures of the nem.

    He decided to move out of his cup and wedge himself in a nice hole within my live rock. I've been preparing for this nems arrival since I re-did my Aqua Scaping so I left areas where I expected him to go, empty of corals Had to relocate an acan that was getting stung. I really feel like Bubble Tip Anemone stings are fairly mild. I've had several corals that brush up against the nem.

    Anemone moved out of cup on 10/9/2015 and has stayed put ever since.

    I setup a Bubble Magus T-01 Dosing Pump. Currently only dosing Alkalinity and Calcium since my Magnesium uptake is fairly low. I can dose Magnesium by hand. Maybe I'll try dosing trace elements?

    Left side of Tank
    -The anemone in the cup near the top of the tank is the faded flame tip nem they sent me initially. No comparison!

    Right Side of Tank

    CC Flame Tip Anemone

    -See those smaller red tentacles on the right? That's where it was cut with a razor blade before shipping to me.

    Ricordea garden on the left. Mushroom rock on the right.

    Green Bounce - Rhodactis
    - From Reef a Palooza CA 2015

    Pink Hallucination Zoas- From Reef a Palooza CA 2015
    -A couple days after this zoa was put in my tank, this zoa and another zoa began closing up. I put them in lower light to hopefully recover them. Ahhhh zoas and their random melting episodes.

    I also grabbed a Space Invader Pectinia from RAP CA 2015 but don't have any pictures of it :p

    Magnesium: 1500
    Calcium: 440
    Alkalinity 7.6

    Dosing 10ml of CA and ALK everyday. Will need to increase dosing.
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    great pics , tank has grown alot since Ive seen it last
  8. Geneva

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    Everything is so beautiful Michael @Enderturtle ! I really like your scoly - I haven't had any luck with those and I hesitate in trying again as they are so pricey! I will just have to look at yours! Why was your new nem razor cut before shipping to you? Is that a way to clone them?
  9. sfsuphysics

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    Any update on the seduction people eaters? Did the other polyps turn blue when they got bigger?
  10. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    The other polyps did not develop as much white/blue markings as the mother polyp. At this point I want to speculate the markings will either
    • Show up at a later point.
    • Only develop during the initial polyp developing stages based on tank conditions.
    Full Tank Shot Updates


    Little green acro frag gettting destroyed by Acropora valida encrustment.

    Pink Lemonade Acro frag from BAR Regional Frag Swap 2015

    Big chalice frag from Aquatic Collection in Hayward. 6 eyes for 35$ What a deal!


    Browned out acro. But there is SO much color potential. Waiting to see what color it develops.

    Miyagi Tort (green with blue tips). Mr Ugly's Red Prostrata frag in behind left.

    Space Invader Pectinia. Originally only had 1 big polyp. Now it has 4 new baby polyps. It likes to eat!

    3 babies under that jawbreaker.
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  11. muhli

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    Love that Miyagi Tort!
  12. Corallus

    Corallus BAR Sponsorship Coordinator

    No mention of the red gonipora? Lovin' the chalice too!
  13. Nav

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    Nice pics Michael. Tank looks very good!!
  14. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Oh yeah! the pink goniopora. Also grabbed that from Cali Reef Co.

    They had a big colony of pink goniopora. Super bright pink color, not that pale red color.. Fragged it up like 10 times. Most of the frags looked great. I took home one of those frags. It's been doing really good actually.

    We all hear about how these are the impossible corals.

    I've had it since.....January 17th -ish. It's been coming out everyday. Maybe it will die soon, maybe not.

    Ooo and also ORA Hawkins Echinata from cali reef.
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  15. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Good bye kessils. Hello radions.

    Time to fry some corals to death!

    Going to need help with DIY light hanging kit. Will probably copy @Nav 's technique for hanging his hydras.
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  16. Vhuang168

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    Wow cool! Why the change?

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  17. Baykes

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    Congrats on the new equipment! Also curious on why did you decide to change?
  18. Prisonfood53

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    Ahh someday. Very nice Mike. Why can't we just know everything from the start it would make everything so much easier.

  19. Corallus

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    2 of those over your 40 gal? Or 1 for the frag tank? Was considering something similar for my 70...
    Looking forward to seeing how it looks!
  20. jonmos75

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    @Enderturtle congratulation on the new lights....but no WXM so now you wont be able to control the Radions with the Apex???.....lol;)
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