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  1. tuberider

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    Somewhat on par coverage, one thing I've noticed is the distance of the envelope from the top of the reflector, with the DE bulbs the envelope is very close to the top of the reflector, where the SE is centered. That may not make a huge difference in PAR and shadowing, but factor in the you have an extra mount that cuts off even more light and you start wasting energy.

    There are 400w DEs, I just ripped a bunch out of setup, when the lights were on they were running around 1500w for three bulbs, it was just stoopid.
  2. Gonzo

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    Why are DE's such a pain to install?
  3. GreshamH

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    Getting them seated correctly seems to always be a struggle

    The tension most DE mounts have is pretty dang tight

    Given the two above and add on the fact there are two pinch points on in the glass envelope that are easily broken and you have a cluster f97k of a mounting system.
  4. ryanjiang

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    Majority people run DE in fixtures and I don't see many fixtures have 400W DE option.
  5. GreshamH

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    ???? All DE are run in fixtures...
  6. ryanjiang

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    I believe I said 'Majority' , it looks to me these days number of people running DE in fixture > people running DE in full size reflector, unless you have different opinion.
  7. GreshamH

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    Lemme try again... all DE's are run in fixtures. IMO any reflector that has a glass shield and is hang-able is a fixture. Since all DE have to have a shield, all are run in "fixtures".
  8. ryanjiang

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    Sorry I was confused. I thought fixture normally refer to integrated unit which is not required to be installed in canopy.

    I am not as experienced as many of your guys, it just look to me if you run DE you are pretty much limited to up to 250W. There is 400W but not much available in slim and nice looking fixture which is one of incentive that people choose DE.
  9. GreshamH

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  10. ryanjiang

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    I know what do you mean.

    But if you say all DE are run in fixture. What about product such as LA Mini stealth reflector? The reflector is designed to be installed in canopy (of course technically anything is hang-able) does it qualify as fixture in your definition?
  11. GreshamH

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    The mini stealth has a black shroud over the reflector (only for visual appeal). It's the only one they make that is not a simple reflector. Most would call it a pendant... it is made to be hung or to be mounted. It also has a glass shield, like every single DE unit you will be able to find. Try to find a DE unit with out a glass shield.
  12. newhobby

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    Do DE just waste more energy?
  13. tuberider

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    That's debatable do to the variance in bulbs and reflectors.
  14. iani

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    No it depends what ballast you run with it as well.

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