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    Hello Club members. Okay I am helping a friend of mine set up a new system. Also encouraging her to contribute to the club. So far she has the Tank (55g acrylic) and Stand. With a little bit of exterior work that needs to be done. Heres a list of things we are looking for.

    - 20 - 30g Sump (3 chamber)
    - Led Lights for LPS
    - Kessil 360N x2 (For me) lol
    - Good Protein skimmer
    - Wave makers (Mp10s or Jebao wp25)
  2. xcaret

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    Hey, I still have some glass tanks, need the baffles; a 29g and a 20g
    PS I should have one, maybe two but let's keep it to one. ER RS-80 needs impeller.
    The skimmer should be able to handle the system with ease.
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  3. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    I have 2 Kessil 360WE's with goosenecks that will be going on the market as soon as I can mount my radions.

    Located in San Mateo.
  4. Vhuang168

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    I have 3 AI Hydra 52s with 3 AI tank mounts or 2 hanging mounts, Director and AWM.

    Cadlights PLS100 skimmer.

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    Cool. Send me pics 650-290-0238 and price

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