Excellence award on r2r

Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Flagg37, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

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  2. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    pretty awesome
  3. jorahx4

    jorahx4 Supporting Member


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  4. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    :) Thank you
  5. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    I wish I could get BAR's website bit better :-( , R2R feels so much better
  6. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    You probably could if you have the skills and the time? Or is it a more money issue? Or something else?
  7. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

    Aesthetically or performance wise? I'm a little rusty but can probably help out a little if needed ...
  8. hermit

    hermit Supporting Member

    Congratulations @Ranjib!
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  9. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    thank you.
  10. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    Both. Xenforo is pretty old school php based forum (albeit some pretty big forums run on it) software, and most of my skills are with newer things, time is also a limit.

    When I opted for webmaster I was hoping there will be some quick wins, but I think we have to spend decent amount of time (few days to couple of weeks), to upgrade things to current versions, also fix some long standing issues. I am not sure if I or @denzil is up for that. Also, if this is what we all want, and this is something we will be able to maintain with a steady cadence.
  11. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    Both, but I am not too worried about the aesthetics part. I am more concerned about that we have to use http, and the fact I cant upload larger images, makes me sad :-(. The deadlinks on the top right is a small style fix, I can see the error in my browser (some html element is overlayed on another element, making the bottom elements unclickable), but finiding out where these customizations have been made has been a challenge... maybe this is something others can take a look at.
  12. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    IIRC, the main push to use this forum software was due to being able to make "trees" for DBTC, and that was pretty much it.
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  13. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    @sfsuphysics and before that? I am intrigued to know the history :)
  14. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    I don't remember exactly, I want to say it was phpBB though.
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  15. Ranjib Dey

    Ranjib Dey Webmaster

    I recall phpbb from my college days :), it was the new shiny during that time, 2002 ??

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