FAQ: My camera won't focus on close items I want to macro?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by kinetic, Apr 5, 2007.

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    If you can't seem to get very clear shots of your corals or other items even if you get really close, it's most likely because your camera's focal length can't handle that close of a picture.

    There are times you'd like to get really close to a flower or piece of coral to get as macro of a shot you can, but the distance can only be so close for your lens, this goes for all lenses and cameras.

    For the best macro shot without a specialty SLR+Macro Lens (read: non macro lenses on SLR's and point and shoot cameras):

    1. Step back until the object can be perfectly in focus
    2. Shoot the picture at your highest resolution possible
    3. If your flash is firing, and you don't want it to, get a tripod.
    4. Crop down the un-resized photo until you get the "crop" that you want. If it's small enough and you don't need to resize, this is THE BEST macro you will get with your camera, and I'm sure it'll look darn better than if you got way close and tried to focus =)

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