[February 20th, 2016] - Scott Fellman talk on Reef Culture

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By Enderturtle on Feb 1, 2016 at 7:56 AM
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    Park at the Solar Panel Parking Lot. There is a flea market in the other parking lot.



    Scott Fellman is an accomplished reefer of 30 years, avid writer and blogger on all matters of responsible reef keeping and previous owner of Unique Corals. Scott has spoken at some of the largest reef keeper events in the United States including MACNA. He has written for magazines, personal blogs and has been a great influence on the hobby. We are proud to have Scott come to a BAR meeting and look forward to receiving a bit of his wealth of wisdom.

    Speaker Profile: http://www.macna2010.com/misc/speakers/fellman.htm

    Topic: Reef Culture
    • Reef Culture is a new talk that Scott has been giving to a few clubs recently. It will cover two main components.
      • The culture of reef keeping.
      • New techniques and strategies for keeping and growing corals.
    • We will be raffling some Unique Corals giftcards, coral frags, and possibly a Triton test kit to BAR supporting members.
    Reef Club Members Only
    • Only BAR Supporting Members and its Sister Reef Clubs may attend.
    • We cordially invite members from NVR, CVR, MARS, RARE, CRC, WCR to attend.
    Event Information
    • LOCATION: Room 405 at Chabot College in Hayward CA.
    • TIME: 12:30PM
    • DATE: February 20th, 2015

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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Enderturtle, Feb 1, 2016.

    1. MolaMola
      Looking forward to the meeting! Will be bringing some cups of rotifers if anyone wants to try this tasty food for corals and inverts.
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    2. Flagg37
      Man, now I really want to come. I'll have to see what I can make happen.
    3. Geneva
      Looking forward to this event! (FYI....had oral surgery yesterday so supposed to keep mouth shut - no talking or smiling - LOL! Please excuse me if I'm quiet today! See soon!)
    4. Enderturtle
      Will be bringing a bag of Chaetomorpha algae if someone wants to add to their Refugium. It's FREEEEEEE.
    5. MolaMola
      Geneva - are you ok to drive? Need a lift?
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    6. rygh
      Count me in on that.
    7. Enderturtle
      Thanks for coming out everyone!

      I want to say there was about 40-50 people at this talk. Thank you Central Valley Reefers/Wine Country Reefers for making it to the meeting!

      We raffled off 8 UC frags and 2 Triton Test Kits.....I FORGET who won that Superman Monti! It's a beauty! Take care of it!

      Also Please post your experience with Triton test kits. Very interested to see what you find out.

      On behalf of BAR, I want to thank Scott Fellman for coming out. Definitely an amazing talk with some topics that we all relate to as crazy reefers!
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    8. MolaMola
      Great meeting! Thanks to Scott Fellman for the great talk, Unique Corals for the awesome raffle frags and Triton test kits, and BAR members for the excellent conversation. Wish I had arrived earlier to talk with people. (Note to self: next time check to see if Chabot is having a flea market on BAR day).
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    9. tygunn
      Great presentation by Scott!

      It was awesome to see the "Reef trends over time". Got me thinking of how I fell for some of those hook line and sinker at the time. When my original 140g tank was set up in 2005 I had a sand bed. Then when the tank crashed due to a crappy chinese ozone generator nuking everything, I redid the tank and used the dreaded "starboard barebottom approach". I have to say that was my least favorite setup EVER. It turns out half of my tank enjoyment comes from not the big stuff but all the tiny creatures in the sand and live rock. So glad we're seeing a return to saner methods!
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      I am so disappointed I missed this event. Got called into work at 7am :(
    11. Nano sapiens
      Nano sapiens
      Big thumbs up to Scott, Unique and BAR organizers. Having started 'reefing' back in the mid '80s, it was fun recalling all the 'interesting' developments that have been seen over the decades.
    12. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      I wound up with a jacket somebody left. Think it was the guy with a ten gal that does two water changes a week?
    13. Nano sapiens
      Nano sapiens
      Aha! So that's where I left it :) Would you mind bringing it along to the next frag swap?

      PS - Tank's a 12g, BTW, with 10g of water. In the reefing world contest of 'Who's tank is bigger', 2g counts ;)
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    14. Geneva
      Thanks, Mo - made it there fine even after having to drive around the flea market folks!! Great seeing everyone - thought the discussion / presentation was helpful and entertaining and the frags raffled at the end was a nice bonus for the winners!! Thanks to everyone that coordinated this event!!
    15. Archaic37
      Thank you Scott, BAR and Unique Corals it was a great event! Now to go check my potassium with the Triton kit

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      Hey so the Triton test kit is a one time test that you send to the lab To pin point exactly where your tank is at initially? or how does that work?
    17. Enderturtle
      I believe your water sample gets sent to Germany and they test for trace elements. Yeah one time test.
    18. Nano sapiens
      Nano sapiens
      Correct. Out of curiousity, I had it done once and the results were interesting.
    19. Archaic37
      Yes, its a good way to check for the trace elements we dont have test kits for. It could be used as a tank diagnosis or if your tank is doing well then you can use the test as a reference point for what trace element levels a healthy tank has.

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    20. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Will do. Please send me a pm when it gets close to remind me

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