Feeding live clams

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Gablami, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    I finally got my copperband eating. Tried live black worms, didn’t tough it. After a few days, it is now chowing down on fresh Manila clams from Ranch 99. I shuck it open and leave it on the shell in a pouch and let it pick it at all day.

    I just realized that I could be introducing marine infections from the ranch 99 tanks. If I shuck the clam, and then freeze it before using it, it should be safe, right?

    Just imagining all the nasties in the ranch 99 tanks has given me the heabie jeabies.

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  2. scuzy

    scuzy Supporting Member

    Or buy frozen clams :)

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  3. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    I wish I know this before my CB died

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  4. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    Brilliant. Now I just need to check my tank obsessively for any diseases over the next couple weeks.

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  5. Lot's of people feed clams on the half shell from the grocery store. I've never heard of it transferring diseases as most diseases that infect fish don't inhabit of infect inverts. Lot's of people also mince them up as part of making a fish feed for their fishes. Rinse well, but as noted you can freeze them and they are just fine. My Copperband wouldn't eat them, but most will from what I've read. The problem is so will most butterflies and angels and a lot of wrasses so Copperbands can get scared off. I've seen some DIY copperband feeders and I think one company sells them that allow the Copperband 's snout access to pick at clams all day. Take a frozen section of the clam, drop it in and if your's will eat then you're good to go.
  6. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    I tried a copperband feeder, drilled a bunch of holes in a pvc pipe.

    I guess what I’m imagining is that ich encysts on the clam shell, and hatches in my tank.

    Your cbb is still alive and well?

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  7. Lasted three months and then died. Sucked.
  8. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    Sorry to hear that. Did it stop eating? How did it die? Just wondering if there’s anything to learn from it.

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  9. No reason I could ever figure out. He was eating -- although he was always picky. I thought I was out of the woods after two months but they are really tough. If I had to guess the tank he was in was just too competitive. No one seemed to bother him but he was alwas bewildered (and yes I know I'm anthropomorphizing) when all the other fish moved quickly with any stimulus.
  10. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Officer at large

    I wonder what they do in the wild. There are so many more fish in a narural reef.
  11. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    I guess you never know with cbb. Takes awhile before you’re out of the woods. Mine is currently at 3.5 weeks. It’s the longest I’ve had one so far. I kinda feel bad whenever I see cbbs at lfs, cause I know chances are it’s dead in a few weeks.

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  12. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Mine lasted quite a few months. Would eat from my hands if I hold a piece of frozen LRS or mysis block. Had to help it fend off the tangs and wraases. Found it on the sand bed one day. No signs of disease or injury.

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  13. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    That’s a sushi chef technique... should kill parasites... but what does freezing do for bacteria?
  14. Gablami

    Gablami Supporting Member

    I don’t mind bacteria as much as parasites.

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