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  1. Congrats. That's awesome. It's an incredible tank.
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    Thank you! Yeah I'm pretty excited about it! I've seen the electronic proof of the issue, but I'm out of town and not near an LFS to go pick up a paper copy. I can't wait to see it in person when I get back to the Bay Area. I'm out in rural GA at my parent's house on Lake Oconee and there are definitely not any reef stores around here, haha!
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    Thank you, Bruce! I'm really excited and honored :)
  4. So not readily available for autographs? :)
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    Haha! I'd feel pretty silly doing autographs! :) I'll be back in town after the 4th of July, so I'll hopefully make it to the next BAR event. I'm starting my new job right after I get back, so it just depends on how busy I am at work.
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    Another fun announcement! I didn't find out until earlier today, but the Reef Threads podcast released this afternoon discusses my adventure eating lionfish in Florida and my aquarium feature in Reef Hobbyist magazine! That was some exciting news! [​IMG]

    If you'd like to listen to the podcast, click here. The part about me and my aquarium starts at 14:09.

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    Happy 4th of July!

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    Freshwater Planted Aquarium
    The freshwater tank is sparkling clean after a deep cleaning last night, so how about a photo of that tank? I know its not a reef but I haven't shared any photos of it in a long time. Its nothing fancy, just a 4 gallon tank with easy plants (mostly assorted anubias and java fern), 3 corydoras (panda, albino, and green dragon), a new male butterfly betta, and a tiny albino bristlenose pleco. In terms of equipment there's an AquaClear 20 (carbon, sponge, and biomedia), a 25 watt heater, and a 9 watt 6700 K power compact light. I have 2 Seachem Fluorish tabs down in the substrate, but other than that I don't dose any carbon or fertilizer. This tank gets a water change like once every 6 months. Other than that I just throw in some food once a day [​IMG]

    Excuse the reflections! It was still daylight when I took these.
    [​IMG]IMG_5296 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    Also, here's my tiny albino bristlenose pleco. He was sooooo tiny when I got him, so he's already grown a bunch.
    [​IMG]IMG_5291 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    And here's a quick video I took of the tank! Please excuse all the reflections and the water is still a bit cloudy because I stirred up the substrate last night. Not my usual video quality, but just thought it would be fun to show the little freshwater tank real quick [​IMG]
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    If you ever want some cherry shrimp for that fresh water tank (could be lunch for your betta), I have loads.
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    Thanks for the offer! I've considered getting some FW shrimp before but they're expensive to be potential betta food. Not sure it my current betta would eat them or not. Maybe next BAR meeting I could grab a few from you and see if the betta will leave them be.
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    I can bring some to upcoming tank tour. They breed readily in my tank and fight with my cories for food.

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    That would be awesome! Thanks so much! You definitely have a ton of them. I'd love to give a few a shot and see how they do in with my betta. When I was weaning my lionfish onto frozen, I had to keep live ghost shrimp on hand, so I originally tried to keep some in my FW tank. My betta ate them all...so I had to set up a separate shrimp holding tank. That was my previous betta though, that just passed away, so not sure if this new betta is such a shrimp killer. Worth a try!
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    Post-Vacation FTS 7/8/16
    Ok, so its still light outside, so there are horrible reflections, but here's a quick FTS to show that the tank survived my vacation and after several hours of deep cleaning is back to its Reef Hobbyist Magazine cover-worthy self [​IMG] [​IMG] Mike (@bondolo) and Erin (@Kensington Reefer) did an awesome job taking care of my tank for 3 weeks while I was on the east coast! I'd never left a tank for so long, so I'm thrilled that it survived my trip.

    I'm planning to do a full photo and video shoot this evening once its dark, so stay tuned for a huge photo dump and new tank video late tonight or tomorrow.

    [​IMG]FTS 7-8-16 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr
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    Oh, also, you'll notice I have some gracillaria clipped to the front glass. I got some a while back and am growing it in my refugium with the intention of using it for nutrient export as well and the occasional treat for the tang. This is the first time I've tried to give some to the tang and apparently she's not so bright. She eats algae sheets off the clip no problem, but that gracillaria has been up there since yesterday evening and she won't touch it. Silly fish!
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    Why eat healthy fresh food when you have yummy nori?
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    Seriously right? I was under the understanding that tangs go nuts for gracillaria. Mine is apparently more into the "processed junk foods". Haha!
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    Ok, so I've been busy trying to run errands and get things done around here after being gone for 3 weeks vacation and before I start my new job tomorrow. Time got away from me and I didn't get a chance to get up the aquarium photos I promised. Anyways, finally got around to going through the photos I took the other night. I ended up focusing more on video clips, but I got a few good photos to share. The video is definitely the grand finale though, and I'll post it as soon as its done exporting and then loading to Youtube.

    Ok, so here are the new photos!

    First off, full tank shots 7/8/16.
    [​IMG]IMG_5497 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_5527 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    Here are some fun lionfish photos [​IMG]
    [​IMG]IMG_5343 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_5365 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_5374 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_5437 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_5459 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    And here's Falkor being a ham as usual!
    [​IMG]IMG_5385 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_5450 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    The fuzzy mushrooms really took off while I was away on vacation. These started as one mushroom back in my original 10 gallon reef. I've usually traded or given a bunch of them away and just kept a couple. I think I moved one or two over into the 40 gallon and now they're taking off into a nice little colony.
    [​IMG]IMG_5394 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    The red mithrax crab was sure out and about the other evening when I was photographing. Also, a baby BTA split off while I was gone on vacation and apparently floated over to the shell of the big squamosa clam. Its not bothering anything right now, but I'll need to get it off of there soon.
    [​IMG]IMG_5418 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr
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    Hey Felicia I'm intrigued in one of ur corals u have in ur tank. If ur looking at ur tank it's on the left hand side. It's a whitish pink color branching. it looks like an SPS or maybe a leather do to polyps but the polyps look longer then normal SPS. Any way what kinda coral is that and how hard is it to keep.

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    I think you're referring to the knobby sea rod gorgonian. Its the tall pink branched gorgonian with the large polyps. I got it from KP Aquatics. Here's the link. Its a photosynthetic gorgonian, so its very easy to keep. Its just needs moderate light and flow.
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    Yes I was thank u very much. In general how hard are gorgonians to keep some tell me they r easy some tell me they r sensitive. And some say they don't do good in clean tanks. But urs looks happy and u got a pretty clean tank.

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