Felicia's 40B Predator Reef

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    Well it depends on the type of gorgonian. The non-photosynthetic ones can be very difficult, but the photosynthetic ones are very easy. Honestly, they're one of my favorite easy corals and I really would put them in the category with softies in terms of difficulty of care. If you get photosynthetic ones, you don't have to target feed them, but they seem to do much better with some nutrients in the water. If your tank is super clean, I'd recommend feeding some coral foods once in a while like phyto, Marine Snow, Coral Frenzy, etc. I wouldn't really say my tank is clean. My tank always has quite a bit of nutrients due to my high bioload, so I don't worry about feeding mine and they go great. Since they are photosynthetic, you do have to have somewhat decent lighting, but they don't need SPS levels. I would say moderate lighting for good growth, but they can handle most reef lighting conditions from my experience (low to high). The only other big consideration is flow. Unlike softies, they need a decent amount of flow so that algae doesn't grow on them. Also, they will shed they're skin every once in a while and they need enough flow to help pull off the shedding tissue. They don't need super high flow, but some moderate flow so they get some good movement is best.
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    Ok, here's the new video!

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    I got to be a guest on Reef Threads! Check out Reef Threads Podcast #282 to listen to me talk about my experience in the hobby, my aquarium, and diving the kelp forests of California!

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    I finally got my print copies of Reef Hobbyist in the mail today! Figured I'd take a photo with my magazine cover next to the tank [​IMG]

    [​IMG]IMG_5596 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr

    Unfortunately the reef lighting isn't the best for taking photos of people [​IMG] Here's another one of me with the cover in better lighting.
    [​IMG]IMG_5601 by Felicia Svedlund, on Flickr
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    That's great.

    How's your new job going?
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    Wow, neat!
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    Yep! Its pretty exciting :)

    The new job is going great. I love it so far. Just busy busy! I haven't really had the time or energy for much online posting, hence me being a bit MIA.
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    The digital version of Reef Hobbyist Magazine featuring my tank is now available!
    Just go to Reef Hobbyist Magazine's website to check it out! Now you don't have to go to an LFS to find a print copy [​IMG]


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