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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by Reefatosis, May 8, 2018.

  1. Reefatosis

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    I'm a life long fish keeping hobbyist. And I was even dumb enough to pursue aquaculture as a career. My brother and I had saltwater tanks of various forms since the the 90's; think undergravel filters, condy anemones, bioballs, t12 bulbs, panther groupers all in a 110g show tank! And I can't think of any extended period of time in which I didn't have a freshwater tank; think tanks with slate bottoms and snakeheads!

    Reefing background:

    My last mixed reef (120g: mostly SPS) went online from 2007, was moved in 2011 and was converted to a freshwater display in 2013. Two kids and two full time jobs got in the way of maintenance; hence its decline and eventual conversion. Few years ago when I live in the Central Valley, I joined NVR for a short while and met a lot a nice people with equally nice tanks. I've always meant to join BAR never made it happen until now.

    At present:

    I've got two 120g freshwater planted display tanks......mostly low maintenance plants and mostly all rainbowfish.

    I live in the Dublin area. And I still am mourning the loss of AConcepts.

    I'm set to receive a new 23" eurobraced cube that is destine to be a minimalist SPS tank.

    More specific build questions to follow in a new thread. does one go about posting pictures
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    Nice! Can’t wait to see the tank. From mobile, I click upload a file, then choose file, and then I choose the pic I want to post
  3. euod

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    There should be a new LFS near you opening up soon so expecting your new tank up and running earlier :)
  4. tankguy

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    welcome to the club
  5. JVU



    For image uploading, I use Tapatalk from a mobile device, and it makes it easy.
  6. rygh

    rygh BOD

    On a PC, bottom right is "Upload a File" that loads JPEG images.
  7. Reefatosis

    Reefatosis Guest

    Thanks everyone

    New fish store in Dublin? What do you know? I am aware of an LFS owner living near by.
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  8. Reefatosis

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    Home tank
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  9. Reefatosis

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    Away (work) tank
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  10. Reefatosis

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    Project tank
  11. Reefatosis

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  12. Reefatosis

    Reefatosis Guest

    EUOD: willing to spill any secrets regarding a new LFS?
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    Nice tank. I like the low height of the stand. I'd recommend putting a neoprene leveling mat under the tank. You can buy them off Amazon for cheap or just buy the ones made by Innovative Marine. Collections sell them.
  15. tankguy

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  16. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Welcome! Start a Tank Journal!
  17. Jeff Rehling

    Jeff Rehling Supporting Member

    I've found i email pictures from my phone to myself and select medium or small size. then I can post them
  18. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    Your FW tanks are beautiful and interesting. Looking forward to watching your cube come to life. I have to say I was eyeing the end table next to my couch after seeing your placement. It is near electrical outlet and a window for porch water changes...
  19. Reefatosis

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    Thanks everyone
    Will definitely get a tank journal going soon.
    BTW i drove over to sjreef to get a sense of the scene. Seems to be a set up and maintenance service at present. I was hoping to support a fledgling LFS as I purposefully supported AQconcept when it was open rather than etailers. Sad to say but i made my first sight unseen livestock purchase this spring as the result of the lack of local opportunity

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