Firefish died, clown acting weird

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    If you are really unlucky some of the ich could be in the water coating anything wet. They could also be on surfaces. This could be enough to transmit the little buggers. Nothing other than fish actually feed the ich, so letting a tank go fish-less will kill all of them. Treat the fish that were in that tank and all the new fish and you'll be good to go.
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    In going fish-less (fallow) some say 5-6 weeks and here I read 10-12 weeks.

    What's the right number?
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    Also in the QT when you dose Chloroquine Phosphate, how will you test for it? (meaning: when you perform water changes, how much will you have to dose after?)
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    You treat the entire tank initially. Add fresh top-off water as usual. If you do a water change, you treat the new water, this maintaining the concentration of CP.

    A single study on marine ich found a single variant of the disease that lived for 72 days. Most ich will perish in a fallow system after about 30 days. 99.99% will be dead in 6 weeks. 10 weeks pretty much guarantees that it's all died.
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    +1 to Blu.

    There is no test I know of for CP. Luckily it is not nearly as toxic to fish as copper so a slight OD is most likely not going to do any harm.

    You really need a gram scale to measure it accurately. In a cycled QT you might not need to do any water changes. With a good gram scale you can measure VERY small quantities that would be needed for a WC.
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    With no LR or LS how can you cycle QT? I thought it was just about loading QT with display tank water and do the treatment... and for WC, standard RODI + salt mix and change?

    Also where do I buy CP? Will my LFS have it?
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    I use a HOB filter with just foam pads in it. Cycled from an existing tank. My current favorite HOB is AquaClear.

    Only local source of CP I know of is:

    I believe he only does mail order but it it real quick!
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    When my blue tang had ich I just soaked all the food in garlic, added vitamin c did the hyposalinity method and hoped for the best and everything worked out.

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